Another Ulta Beauty Mini Haul!

Hi again dolls and happy Friday!

I have a throwback haul post from November! It’s insane because it’s almost a year later. You might be wondering why I’m posting it at all then, well… I just wanted to talk about some of the items because I have some thoughts on them now that I’ve gotten the chance to use them.

Obviously when I bought these items I had different plans, but then work became so hectic and I wasn’t actually able to try my stuff right away. Truth is, some stuff I’ve yet to open at all. I hope they don’t expire soon, but since it’s all unopened I hope it’s fine.. Anyway…

Out of these two gloves, I ended up using the exfoliating hydro gloves first thinking I’d try the original/normal version before trying the charcoal. I have to tell you, I don’t really recommend it (especially if you have sensitive skin). Now I may not even use the charcoal one.

The reason why is that they feel way too abrasive. Even passing it over my body as gentle as I can feels too harsh on my skin. I will say that it does it’s job but I hate how abrasive the gloves are so I’ve only used them about a handful of times. The fact that I can use them while wet doesn’t make them any softer. I overestimated them..

The following I’ve yet to open for the most part except the lip oils. I haven’t used lip oils in the longest time because not many brands have some, but I liked these from Ulta. I thought it was cute that they were from the Pixar collection, I believe it was the Toy Story collection.

I’ve talked about Tony Moly here before, I do love their masks like no other, I just can’t seem to find some that are as close to these, but they are NOT cruelty-free. I did also pick up The Ordinary Niacinamide formula which I’m planning on opening soon because I need another serum other than hyaluronic acid when I’m using retinol products. I’ve done some research on which skincare ingredients I can use together and how to layer skincare for better results. I will get back to you guys on that later.

I’ve used only one of the magnetic lashes once and I really like them. I’ll be creating looks soon so I can start using these for my more dramatic makeup looks. As for the Colourpop BFF liner, I’ve yet to open. I hope I like it and I hope it hasn’t dried out…

Lastly the eyebrow pencils. I’ve done a whole post on drugstore eyebrow pencils and which I like better. The NYX one is hands down one of my favorites and one I constantly repurchase. I’ve finally found my perfect shade which is Espresso. As for the Colourpop brow pencil, I recently opened it and have been using it daily after my NYX one ran out. I don’t love it as much as I used to… I believe I gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars and I must admit it’s more like a 3 now? They’re not creamy and sometimes my eyebrows look muddy and not cute.. It could be I waited so long to use it, I will try again one more time after this and if I’m not loving it, I will not repurchase again..

Well, that is it for now. A haul with speed reviews. Hope this was helpful if you’re thinking about picking up some of these items. If not, thanks for stopping by! I will see you guys again next week!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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