April 2022 Mini Target Haul!

Happy Monday!

I officially start a new job today so I hope it goes well for me. I will be going in for orientation today and tomorrow on campus, and the rest of the training will be done at home, thankfully. Wish me luck! 🙂 Today I am sharing another mini haul from earlier this year. Just like in my last haul post I will be doing quick first impressions/speed reviews.

Unlike my last haul from November, I was able to start using most of the products from this haul right away so I have formed several opinions/thoughts on the majority of these products.

We can start off with the Flamingo razor. I had very cheap razors up until this one. I don’t know why it took me so long to get a better quality one. To be honest, I don’t shave my legs because I’m not as hairy. I only shave my armpits and occasionally my bikini line. Ever since I used this razor for the first time I fell in love. It shaves very closely and smoothly. I don’t get razor burn as much, though I still am experimenting on which products work best as my skin is more sensitive after I shave. It’s going well with this and I like that it comes with an extra cartridge and I can buy extra if needed so no need to buy a whole new razor.

Next is the e.l.f. Hydrated Ever After Skincare Mini Kit which I’ve already reviewed a few weeks ago. This is the second time I repurchase this kit, as I obviously loved the first time. I give a pretty thorough review if you guys want to check that out, if not, know I love it, but also keep in mind that e.l.f. tends to be pretty hit or miss depending on your skin type and personal preference.

Next are the Winkly Lux Catne Pimple Patches. I usually use a spot treatment which have worked well for me, but I picked these up because I saw you could wear them overnight, which I do. My acne/pimples are a monthly occurrence and these have come in handy. I definitely would purchase them again and I also recommend if you’re on a budget.

I bought the e.l.f. Cosmetics Supers Skincare Mini Trio for my husband, even though he barely uses them. I actually recently tried the products myself and really liked the moisturizer (purple) because it’s a gel and I tend to use those more often during the summer. The toner also felt super gentle on my skin as well but I try not to use AHAs/BHAs daily as I try to rotate my skincare so I’m not over-exfoliating my skin. I will have to push my husband to use them more often so I can write a review on his behalf for you guys.

I bought the Winky Lux Orange You Bright exfoliator thinking it was a lip exfoliant. The size really fooled me, it’s so tiny! I think it’s the only one I’ve still yet to try, so no thoughts on it yet. As for the Raw Sugar hair mask, I’ve tried once and my hair felt so nice! I really need to make a habit out of using hair masks once a week because my hair feels extremely dry right now.

The Dr. Bronner’s lip balm is a repurchase. I must have repurchased this like 10 times by now, it’s so good and it’s one of my favorites that actually works. I highly recommend. Lastly, the Bliss Invisible Daily Sunscreen with SPF30. Being that it’s summer I really should have gotten an SPF50 sunscreen but I wanted to try this one so badly. I like it so far, it doesn’t make my skin feel as oily as other ones so it’s a good one for now.

And finally, I picked up two items from Versed, I’ve been meaning to try this brand for the longest time, so when I saw these minis I knew it was a good time to get them and try them out before buying the full sizes. First is the Daily Brightening Solution which I’ve yet to try, lol. I will most likely like it, as I love toners with extracts.

I have tried the Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream because it’s summer time and I absolutely love it! It feels lightweight, cooling, and sinks fairly quick into my skin. I want to finish it before I write up a whole review, I should have more formed opinions but in the meantime, I’m liking it. If you’ve tried this brand I’d love to know what else you guys recommend.

I enjoy making an occasional trip into Target because I tend to find lots of minis of products I haven’t tried, as that is my preferred way to try products instead of buying a full-sized one. Hopefully I can finish some of these up soon and write some reviews for you.

Have you tried any of these products or brands?
Have you treated yourself to new skincare lately?

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