Ace Beaute Mini Haul — October 2022

Hi everyone!

I missed Friday’s chance to post because I got so busy and I work on the weekends. So…we are catching up this week, which means you will see at least three posts. I am committed to not straying from the schedule! Also follow me on IG because I’m posting different content at the moment which you won’t see here for a while.

Anyway, this post will be short and sweet as it’s another mini haul. Basically I saw a post on IG about their palettes being on sale (still are so go snag a few) so I went to their site to look at them. I was planning on buying a few right then and there, but then I realized, I need* to prioritize gift purchases for xmas before purchasing something for myself.

Within a few days I got an email from PayPal that they would give me a $10 discount if I purchased at least $30 from Ace Beaute, so I did lol. This is that haul. So much for prioritizing am I right?

Here are the palettes:

Granted, the palettes are technically the old formula, I guess they revamped it? I own two of their palettes and I thought their formula was phenomenal, so even if it’s the old formula, I truly believe these will be great!

Slice of Paradise

This one has such fun, bright colors. After swatching it, I can already tell that this palette has some shades I do not have in my collection so it will be a fun one to use eventually. I can’t wait to play with it! I’m definitely looking forward to playing with those blues and greens!!


This one is definitely a favorite already because of the color story. Seriously, blues and greens! Be still, my heart!!

This palette has been on my to-buy list for years, ever since I discovered this brand through Boxycharm back in 2018. The first palette I ever tried from the brand was the Grandiose Palette. I did receive a second Ace Beaute palette after re-subbing to Boxycharm back in 2020, Scarlet Dusk, another amazing palette. I am just now realizing I never reviewed Scarlet Dusk, but it’s coming soon, cannot wait!

There you have it, another mini haul. This one is my last makeup haul for a while. I’m deeply tempted to buy more stuff online because everything is on sale for the holidays, but I need to stop because I’ve bought so much stuff in the last few months and a lot of it I haven’t gotten around to it. Now that I’m moving again, I have packed up all my stuff so I only have access to the daily makeup LOL.

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