HIPDOT x Spongebob Jellyfish Lip Gloss Trio Review & Swatches

Hi dolls!

Today I decided to skip a palette review to review this lip gloss trio. Don’t hate me, the SpongeBob palette review is coming, I promise! But I thought it would be a good idea to build up to that a little more 😉 Let’s get started!

Jellyfish Lip Gloss Trio

Initially, I wasn’t going to buy this set of glosses. I mainly wanted the face masks and what not, but I waited too long and those sold out super quick. It felt like I was settling for another product I didn’t really want, but when I first swatched them and tried them on, I was sold!

We’ve taken our best-selling coconut oil, vitamin e, shea butter infused, fragrance free lip glosses and given them a pineapple-topped makeover for this collectible set.

Shades include:

  • Coral Blue – The iconic demi-gloss blue lipstick from SpongeBob episode “Clams” makes its real-world debut in a sheer blue tone.
  • Feelin’ Fineapple – a sparkly sheer gloss that takes golden pineapples to the next level.
  • Sea Star Gazer – named after the ma-star of disguise, Patrick Star, this soft pink paints a sweet sheer tone on your pout.

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Talc Free, Paraben Free, Pthalate Free & Mineral Oil Free.

Total Net Wt: 27 g / 0.95 oz

Price: $30.00

Formula & Application

Real quick, I want to mention the packaging. It’s your standard clear transparent tube with gold lettering. The tops of the applicator wand is black and gold and has the pattern of a pineapple which is cute. The applicator is a reservoir tip (with a divot in the middle). It’s nice because it’s like a flat doe foot wand with a tip which allows more precise application while lining the lips. The divot allows the wand to pick up more product so you don’t have to dip back into the tube. Overall, for glosses I think I like this type of applicator better.

In terms of formula, I think it’s amazing. I was really blown away and I’m glad I picked these up instead of the face masks because I have no glosses like this in my collection. They’re made with coconut oil, vitamin E which moisturizes the lips, they’re infused with shea butter and are fragrance free. They’re comfortable when worn, they’re not sticky, and I really enjoyed wearing these. Unfortunately with glosses, the longevity isn’t more than a few hours before re-application, but they’re still nice.

Shades & Swatches

So this trio has three shades: Coral Blue, Feelin’ Pineapple, and Sea Star Gazer.

Coral Blue is a demi-gloss blue lipstick. It’s nice and sheer but also gives your lips a blue tint that doesn’t look weird. I used this gloss in my Feeling Blue MOTD and I liked the subtly of the shade and how it looked like I was still wearing a gloss.

Feelin’ Pineapple is a sparkly golden sheer gloss. I love the gold flicks in this too and sadly, it’s the only sparkly gloss in this trio. I used it in my Honey MOTD and I love how well the light reflects off this one. It just looks so good!!

Sea Star Gazer is a beautiful pink sheer gloss. I’d say it’s just as pigmented as Coral Blue and it gives a nice tint to the lips. This would be considered more “wearable” for everyday, especially if you’re not comfortable with a golden or blue tinted gloss. Even so, they’re all subtle and gorgeous, I can honestly say none of these would look off if worn as everyday shades.

I think these glosses were worth my money! I’m glad I bought them because I reach for them often and they’re comfortable to wear. I really only got these along with the palette not thinking the quality would be there, but I was impressed. Definitely don’t sleep on this brand.

Did anyone grab anything from the Spongebob collection??

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