Forest Green MOTD feat. At Forest Sight Palette

Hello and happy Friday!

I am currently at work while this post goes live. Yesterday was a chill day for us and I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (to those in the states). I figured this would be a good time to post this look because this palette gives huge autumnal vibes.

Even though I bought this palette long ago, I never really got to play with it for so many reasons, but this year I decided, enough is enough, I need to start pulling out the palettes I haven’t used yet and start creating with them. So I will be trying my hardest to bring you guys some single MOTDs as well as lookbooks. But I digress..

Here’s the palette I used for this look;
the ColourPop x RawBeautyKristi At Forest Sight palette:

This palette is absolutely gorgeous and I am seriously so mad at myself for not trying it sooner. All the looks people have created with it are super gorgeous, so this look is* recreated from a look I found on Pinterest.

Forest Green MOTD

Sadly I only took a screenshot on my phone and took a shot in the dark when guessing what shades were used. When I searched for this same post on Pinterest, I couldn’t find it again, so I cannot find the actual makeup artist to tag them.

Here’s my recreation of this look:

I am a little mad that my camera kind of washed out this look. In person, this look was much more striking and bold, as you can probably tell with this lipstick I chose. The lipstick played a huge part in me creating this look because I thought it went well with the dark green shade I used in the outer corner.

(Some) Makeup Details:

Shades Used: Emerald City, Puffball, Evergreen, Rainier, West Coast
Lipstick: Aboni Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick in Safari

I’m kicking myself as I write this, because for some reason I didn’t write down the shades….Soo…I kind of had to guess which ones I might have used because it has been a while since I did this look. I do sincerely apologize, I dropped the ball hard on details for this look, lol.

What do you guys think of this look? Did I come close to the recreation?
Who else got a few products from this awesome collaboration?

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