Thrift & Ross Clothing Haul

Hello dolls!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I had some plans this weekend but they fell through due to work. That would have been something to share with you, but I did hop onto something else which I’m excited about starting sometime next month. I’ll be telling you guys all about that later in my other blog 🙂

For today’s post, I wanted to do like a try-on haul of things I bought from Goodwill & Ross.

Truthfully, I hadn’t bought clothes in the longest time and felt like it was time. Lately I’ve been leaning into getting colors that suit my skin tone and really dressing up for each season. It’s a work in progress, I’m not really faithful to the season’s colors, but I do love autumn and colors of this* season so yeah 🙂

Okay let’s start!

EDIT: photo quality is crappy, so forgive me…

Goodwill Haul

So GW still hasn’t opened their fitting rooms, so I had to take everything home. Unfortunately, not everything fit me so I had to return a bunch of stuff. And what pissed me off the most was that upon returning things, I only got store credit, so that meant I had to look for more stuff to purchase and possibly having to return those things again.. Luckily, I did find a few other things at a different store, but this reminded me of why I don’t shop there anymore. They just make it so fucking difficult to do returns, especially after covid. But anyway, enough about that.

Here’s what I bought:

The peachy and teal green tops are brand new and are sold at Target so what a steal! And of course I found two gorgeous dresses from Forever21, the off-shoulder citrus summer dress and the terracotta one. I love the terracotta one and have already worn it to the pumpkin patch.

Ross Haul

I only bought two things from here. I originally had gone to buy only a dress but I found another pair of jeans from a brand I like and couldn’t pass up the chance to get them as they were also the last pair.

I don’t know how or when I got rid of my black of pair jeans, but I realized earlier in September that I had none! So yeah….buying this black pair of jeans was a no brainer.

Yes they’re ripped but I do not care at the moment 🙂

PS. Sorry for the crappy photo!

I also got this gorgeous red dress that was for my birthday photoshoot. I had envisioned myself wearing a red dress because that’s a Scorpio color, and coincidentally, red looks good against my skin tone, so it worked out perfectly.

I also matched with my car as well for a second photoshoot on the same day, it was all very fun.

Anyway…This dress also has deep* pockets which is great! Pockets in dresses are a bonus, because it allows me to carry stuff with me.

I feel like I might want to wear this dress for the upcoming holidays but we will see. Definitely thinking xmas if not New Year’s or just wait for a hot date with my husband 🙂


Shoes! I had seen these white heeled boots at Ross probably weeks before I bought my red dress. When I finally went looking to buy the dress (and jeans), I had seen them again but thought I could get them another time.

When I went back for them a few days later, they were gone and I was bummed out. I ended up going to the mall and found a similar pair.

Mine have a zipper on one side. I forgot to take a photo of them because I’ve been moving things into the house, so I do not have them in the apartment with me. But yeah, this is more or less what they look like. 🙂

edit: this photo is from Amazon and the brand shown is Soda.

That’s it for now loves. Yet another haul lol. This is my last one for a while.
We’ve been focusing on buying the remaining gifts for xmas and moving things out of here.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday though (US friends)?
When’s the last time you treated yourself to clothes?

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