E-Girl Inspired Makeup

Happy Friday!

I have another look!

This trend kept making the rounds for a while and I did want to try it out because I love the flushed cheeks look with the winged liner. It was more or less what I had been doing anyway for work, just a little extra, because it’s quick and simple to achieve.

At first I did struggle with adding this much blush to my face, but I really wanted the camera to capture it. When I thought I had plenty of blush, I took pictures and realized the camera didn’t actually capture the blush very well. It’s true when they say you have to cake your makeup in order for it so show on camera LOL.

how cute are these glasses by the way? don’t think I’ve ever shown them here on the blog πŸ™‚
also, the messy hair really sold this pic for me ;p

Typical of me, I do not have the full makeup details because it’s been a while since I created this look, but you can basically use whatever products you have for winged liner, a nice pigmented blush, falsies if you wish, and that’s it. I did of course add the white eyeliner to the bottom waterline for the effect of bigger eyes, and some face stamps, which I love and have been using for quite some time.

If I remember correctly, the liner and white pencil are from NYX Cosmetics, face stamps from Colourpop and blush maybe Alamar Cosmetics? or Seraphine Botanicals? Again, you can use whatever you have, anything will work.

Just be sure to add extra blush. When you think you’ve applied enough blush, add some more. πŸ™‚

Okay, so that is it. This was meant to be a quickie post as there’s not much to say here.
This was just a trend I felt the need to try many months ago, and in typical fashion, I’m sharing it late here πŸ™‚

Have you tried this trend?
What do you think of it?

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