Starry Eyed MOTD

Happy Monday!

I have an motd recreation for you from one of my favorite makeup artists on Instagram, @taylorxgraham.

This post will be short and sweet because I have nothing special to say, other than I love Taylor’s looks, even the ones she takes inspo from others as well. Just thought recreating her looks would allow me to practice other methods and techniques to do makeup, while at the same time polishing the skills I already have.

Here’s the look I’m recreating, who was inspo from another person, whose original post I could not find:

And here is my recreation. Overall not bad in my opinion. I think I could have been a bit more precise with the stars but it was a little hard with the face stamps I was using (Colourpop). The star stamps look much bigger than the ones Taylor has in her makeup look. I also think I could have blended the white shadow a bit more further out into a wing shape. What do you think?

Where do you get inspiration from when it comes to makeup?
Do you have any makeup look ideas you think I should recreate?

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