All Black Lookbook β€” 5 Outfit Ideas

Heyy lovessss!

I’m so excited about today’s post because I don’t think I’ve ever done one like it before? And the reason I’m excited is because I get to showcase my TRUE style which I think falls between street style and alternative? I could be entirely wrong, but the thing is, my outfits don’t really revolve around trending pieces, and if I ever incorporate a “trendy” piece, more often than not I will mix it up and make it more “me”, if that makes sense.

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Halloween Series 2019 β€” Panda Bear Makeup [Tutorial]

Heyy dollss!!

Didn’t think I would do any Halloween makeup looks this year? I didn’t think so either, so this Halloween Series will be a BONUS for you guys! πŸ™‚

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HUGE Early Birthday Collective Haul

Hey guyys!

I have a video of ALL the stuff I bought recently, well, some stuff has been boxed since August, but I wanted to show you all everything I got. It’s kind of a lot. I only have a video for you today and from here on out, I will only be posting ONE post here on the blog each week, and two videos over on my channel that way I have different content on both platforms. I will let you all know if this schedule changes in the near future.

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Project Pan 2019: Progress & Empties β€” Update #3

Heyy dolls!

It’s the end of another week and it’s been exactly three months since I last updated you on my project pan, which means… It’s time for another update!! We’re also 3/4 into the year so this will be my second to last project pan update and I cannot wait for you to see how I did this quarter! πŸ™‚

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Unboxing My Final BoxyLuxe: September 2019

Heyy dolls!

I miss you all! It feels like I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back. Slowly easing back into blogging, and today I have my September BoxyLuxe! Let’s get started because this one is a little long..

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Unboxing β€” Boxycharm August 2019

Hii dolls!

Last week I posted my review for my July Boxycharm, so it’s only fitting I show you what I received in my August box. I received it a bit earlier than usual but it’s taken me a while to post it. My bad!

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Unboxing β€” July 2019 Boxycharm

Heyy dolls!

I’m sharing what I received in my July Boxycharm today! I haven’t mentioned it on the blog, but I will be cancelling this subscription once I receive my last BoxyLuxe, which will be in September.

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Current Go-To Summer Eyeshadow Palettes

Heyy dolls!

In trying to do things different around here, today I will be doing something I haven’t done yet. I will be showing you guys my go-to summer eyeshadow palettes. A bunch of you know that peachy shades are my go to, so I feel like this is that post, but I do have a few more palettes I love to use during summer.

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Product Empties β€” May & June 2019


How are you all doing? This week is packed for me! I hope you guys enjoy everything I will be posting because I am definitely working hard on everything πŸ™‚ but today I will be sharing with you my “regular” empties.

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2019 Summer Hair REVEAL! β€” Box-Dye At Home

Hello dolls!

I got another BONUS post for you this week! I’ve been planning ahead for the upcoming weeks and it’s looking like I’ll be posting three to five times a week for the rest of the month. There’s just THAT much I want to do LOL.

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