Product Empties — July 2021

Hi dolls!

I’m severely behind but I don’t want to throw away a bunch of my posts for the sake of “catching up”. So I’ll be catching up on some of my posts from last year in the upcoming weeks, hopefully, so I can move forward with newer stuff. I will make those posts brief, especially these empties posts because they are over 6 months old, ha!

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Product Empties — April to June 2021

Hey dolls!

I am sorry in advance because this post is a bit longer than I meant to make it. Therefore, these are not speed reviews but more like mini/in-depth reviews.

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Decluttering My Vanity — November 2019

Heyy my dolls!

I bring you another declutter because it was about time! I did a declutter back in February and I wanted to do this again so I could get rid of more makeup and also have something to give to my mom while she was here.

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Another Makeup Declutter

Oh my gosh! Another?! Yes!

It hasn’t even hit the 6 month mark since I did my last declutter in September, but after going through my makeup once more for my 2019 Project Pan, I knew it had to be done again, and soon! I’ll try to brief because it is a lot of products. Far more than I initially expected.. Let’s get this started! 😀

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