ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons Collection — Haul

Hey dolls!

Here we are once again throwing it way back. I do remember showing everyone on insta what I had gotten but I did want to post it here too.

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RawBeautyKristi x Colourpop Mini Haul


I’ve been meaning to post this since I received it because I was super duper excited about it! Obviously it has been many months since it was released but I still thought it would be nice to show you what I got and it is also a preview of reviews to come (in the future, of course)

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Ulta Online Haul — April 2020

Heyy dollssss!!!

I miss you all! I hope you are all well. My emotions and motivation are a literal roller coaster; I can be feeling great one day and so shitty the next. I don’t like writing when my heart isn’t in it, so I am doing my best and taking it day by day.

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