Unboxing My Last Play! by Sephora + Why I’m Cancelling..

Hello my dolls!

This week has been busy busy and I’m doing my best to schedule posts in advanced.. I’m so eager to start my Halloween Series next month, I’ve been trying to work really hard on that so I hope you like the looks I create. Let’s unbox this box! πŸ™‚

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Unboxing β€” August 2018 Play! by Sephora

Heyy dolls!

We’re getting the first chilly days of the cold season and summer isn’t over yet! It was a cruel reminder of how cold it’s going to be 😦

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July 2018 Play! by Sephora Review

Hii guyysss!

This week is flying by and I find myself saying that so often recently.. On the bright side, we’ve had a pretty good, chill week. I got a few things planned for the next few days, so hopefully I can make that happen and I’ll show you guys later πŸ˜‰

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Unboxing β€” July 2018 Boxycharm & Play! by Sephora + Try-On Style Video

Hello my dolls!

I’m still trying to get back into blogging this week after my long, much needed break. I haven’t been reading blogs and since I know I’m extremely behind, I’m not even going to bother going back three weeks just to catch up, so I’m sorry if I don’t read all of your posts, it’d be far too much to read.. I hope you understand! ❀

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Unboxing β€” Play! by Sephora June 2018

Heyy dolls and happy Tuesday!

I think I’ve already mentioned this but my mom and sister is in town for two weeks, so I don’t guarantee that I’ll have posts until they leave as I want to enjoy spending time with them.

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May 2018 Play! by Sephora Review

Heyy guys!!

I keep posting late without meaning to. I’ve been….incredibly busy and on days (such as today) when I thought I’d have the morning to myself, I had to leave the house and run errands for other people… It’s looking a lot like summer won’t be much of a vacation for me.. *sigh*

But anyway, today I have the May Play! by Sephora box review, and I don’t have much to say about these products, everything is pretty straight forward πŸ™‚

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A Year of Play! by Sephora + My Thoughts On It


I enjoyed doing my A Year of Ipsy post, and at the same time I thought I could do one for my Play! by Sephora subscription as well. So here it is!! πŸ˜€

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Unboxing β€” May 2018 Play! by Sephora

Heyy guys!

Yesterday was an unbelievable day. And not in a good way. Long story short, my neighbors kid told my son that she “would hurt him” as she pointed at him with a stick. Luckily I saw and heard and told the girl that I had heard what she had said. She stared and walked away. But I cannot even.. Just the day before yesterday, the same girl who bullied my son was being really nice. So obviously her mother said something to her.. If you’re a parent, PLEASE be mindful of what you teach your children, because hate is LEARNED, not inherited.. Ok, rant over.

Today I’m showcasing what I received in my Play! by Sephora box.

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Play! by Sephora April 2018 Review


Sorry this post is late today. I’ve been trying so hard to find time to work on my blog and I just can’t because one thing or another comes up.. Today I was out of my house for 6 hours and I just wanted to be home..

I feel like this week started off BAD and I’ve just been feeling very frustrated lately.. I don’t know.. Today was supposed to be a happy day and now…I’m just not feeling it.. Ugh.. Rant over.

Anyway, I still want to keep on schedule, and today’s post is my Sephora box review. I still don’t know what I will be posting tomorrow because I wasn’t able to finish a project over the weekend, so I’ll have to improvise, lol.

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Unboxing — April 2018 Play! by Sephora

Heyy guys!

I’m going to keep this post short, sweet and to the point because I gotta be out the door in a bit. I also have another post for later today.

Theme: Insta Beauty


Ok, the bag sucks! It’s so plain! Like they ran out of ideas. “Make It Snappy” — sounds a lot like they used that motto to get this month’s bag done and over with. NOTHING stands out at all, besides the green string tie.

Bag Contents:


  • Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector in Shade #6
  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple Moisturizer
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel
  • Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Celeste
  • Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 12.5% Vitamin C
  • Burberry My Burberry Blush Perfume Sample

First Impressions:

The skin tint is probably dark for me looking at the packaging alone, which sucks. I NEVER get to try these products. I’ve gotten the same perfume sample in the past but I remember liking it, so I guess I don’t mind getting it again.

Things I cannot wait to try: the moisturizer, vitamin C concentrate and the lip polish! I’ve never tried Kiehl’s or Buxom so I’m excited for those. I hope I like them!

What did you guys get this month?


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