Current Go-To Summer Eyeshadow Palettes

Heyy dolls!

In trying to do things different around here, today I will be doing something I haven’t done yet. I will be showing you guys my go-to summer eyeshadow palettes. A bunch of you know that peachy shades are my go to, so I feel like this is that post, but I do have a few more palettes I love to use during summer.

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Project Pan 2019: Progress & Empties — Update #2

Happy Thursday my dolls!

I apologize for no post and video on Tuesday, but if you follow me on IG, you’d know I was away for a little vacation and ended up coming back home Tuesday night. I may leave that post for another time, but for now, I am giving you an update on my project pan and also to tell you that to make up for only one post this week, I may have two bonus videos/posts next week, for a total of four posts overall (fingers crossed).

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June 2019 BoxyLuxe — Unboxing

Hello my dolls!

I am working on figuring out a schedule for my blog again that way I can commit to said schedule so you guys know when to expect content because I’m not being super consistent anymore. For that I apologize. This may work out better for me because I have come up with a million ideas that I would like to execute before the end of summer! LOL

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Brand Focus — Wet n Wild Beauty

Happy Monday!

CL and I are officially on summer break, it’s gonna be tough I already know it but we’re gonna pull through! XD

Anyway, I did a One Brand Focus post long long ago and I thought I could bring those back! 😀

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PÜR The Complexion Authority Festival Pressed Pigment Palette — Review & Swatches + 3 Looks

Hey dolls!

That’s an enormous title!

I’m kind of on a roll in reviewing palettes as of lately so I want to keep the ball rolling. I decided to review this palette for you before I reviewed my April 2019 Boxycharm in full so nothing in there is missing, though I think I’m leaving one item out, but that’s it.

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UNBOXING — May 2019 Boxycharm

Heyy dolls!

I have my unboxing of this month’s Boxycharm, I’m honestly so so excited about this one. For once I feel like I might actually like all the products so I will* be keeping everything to try! I feel like that hasn’t happened in a very long time, lol!

Anyway, let’s get started and let me tell you what I think so far!

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Friday (Beauty) Favorites — April 2019

Happy Friday my dolls!

I have a ton of products in here, you guys are probably not going to believe it!

I haven’t done my makeup much but I have been using most of these products often. A few became instant faves because of their formula so I have to make note of everything here for you because it’s been so long since I’ve done a favorites post! I miss doing these!

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Product Empties — April 2019

Wow, I am so behind on basically everything! No surprise, am I right?
I seem to be absent more often. I’m sorry.

Trust me, I’m trying so hard to prioritize what content to put out first. I’ve also been busy with other stuff and I only have night time to edit anything and everything and well… I do need sleep too. My bad habits are catching up to me again (i.e. 5 hrs of sleep each night, no bueno!).

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Ace Beaute Grandiose Palette Review + 6 Looks

Hello my dolls!

I miss blogging consistently, I feel like I’ve let you guys down somehow by being absent out of nowhere. Thanks to those of you who left sweet, kind comments and were genuinely concerned about us in my March BuJo post. All is well! ❤

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