Unboxing — Boxycharm August 2019

Hii dolls!

Last week I posted my review for my July Boxycharm, so it’s only fitting I show you what I received in my August box. I received it a bit earlier than usual but it’s taken me a while to post it. My bad!

It has also been a week since I last posted, which may end up being a thing from now on. Posting once to twice a week, I mean. A lot of stuff going on at the moment, and pretty soon my kiddo is going to start school again.. So I will have to change my schedule once more.

Let’s get into this box guys! Watch me try stuff on!

Theme: Totally Boxycharm

I liked how almost everything was pink this month. Even though it’s my least favorite color, it was a nice looking box.



  • Tarte Big Ego Mascara
  • Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil
  • Ace Beaute Glimmer Shadow Duo in Cotton Candy & Iced Latte
  • Becca Hydra-Mist & Refresh Powder
  • Steve Laurent Lip Liner in Chic

First Impressions:

Obviously I’m not using the Tarte mascara because I have way too many just waiting to be used. If I’m being completely honest, that’s probably the only thing I hate about Boxycharm. They just WON’T stop sending mascaras on nearly a monthly basis.. Moving on..

The Wander Beauty Illuminating Oil is something I’ll have to keep using to see if my skin feels any different or looks any better while using it, so we will see. So far it feels like a nice product, doesn’t make my skin feel oily even though it’s summer but who knows. I’ll really have to test it and find out.


The Ace Beaute Glimmer Shadow Duos are said to be like CP’s Super Shock Shadows, bouncy, pigmented and easy to apply and I agree. Though I cannot compare, I think these are quite nice! I only used Cotton Candy (raspberry/coral one), so I will be adding Iced Latte (the gold one) to my giveaway for one lucky winner!

The Becca Hydra-Mist & Refresh Powder blew my mind I’m not going to lie! It felt so so good on my skin and it also made my under eyes look really good and not at all cakey! Ahh! Best powder I have tried so far! I cannot wait to keep using it.

Finally, the Steve Laurent lip liner. I wasn’t going to use it because Kathleen Lights had said she didn’t like it, however, once I tried it and the more I used it, the creamier the lip liner felt and I loved the lip combo with the DC lip gloss. Anyway, I kind of like it but will need to keep testing it out just to make sure it really will remain a bit creamy.

Alright you guys that’s it! My unboxing, a try-on video and my first impressions!

I would love to know what you got in your box and how happy are you with everything? If you’ve already tried some products, which ones are you loving?


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36 thoughts on “Unboxing — Boxycharm August 2019

          1. I wish you could customize your boxyluxe! That’s how I feel with a lot of the spoilers, it will be something that I really want OR something I don’t really care about.
            I got an email from Boxycharm that if I resubscribe for this box they’ll include that Becca powder from last month. So I did, hopefully the box is good!

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          2. Customization would be awesome. They only did it for the Decemer box which was dumb I would have liked for them to keep that up but they ended up asking people on surveys what kind of boxes they prefer, like makeup with skincare, or some lifestyle added onto there. I think I chose something with lifestyle so we will see what I get this month. Might take a while to receive my box.
            I say the powder alone is worth the whole box in my opinion. The Ace Beaute glimmer shadows are quite nice too, KL said they’re like CP’s super shock shadows. You will most likely get those.


          3. I’m glad they’re adding customization finally! Especially with a box as big as boxyluxe it would be nice to choose a few products.
            I didn’t get the Ace Beaute shadows but I really want to try them. It’s cool that they’re similar to the Super shocks!

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          4. I know right? They had done that for the December box and I believe for the March one as well, so I was pissed that they didn’t do it for June and September. Super annoying.
            I haven’t really tried the super shock shadows, except for the one in the Sweet Talk palette, so I’m not as familiar with them but they felt more or less the same. I still would probably go for the CP ones because they’re cheaper.


    1. Girl!!! I was just browsing the catalog I get from ulta and they’re having a 21 days of beauty sale!!! September 3rd the Becca powder will be $19.50 USD!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. To me it is. You get 5 full sized products for only $21/month and the retail value is over $100 every single time.🤗 some boxes wont be hits but you will always get at least one product you’re really excited about or really like

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  1. I got the mascara, too. I’m nervous about it because I hate Tarte’s Light Camera Lashes one. 😛 Let us know if you do see any difference with the oil in the future, I’m super curious about it.

    We got different shades for our Ace Beaute shadows. I can’t wait to touch mine, they look so soft & bouncy! & oh my gosh, the main reason for me getting the box, the magical Becca powder– wow!!! I love it so much!! I had no idea it was supposed to feel like water & kept thinking my brush was getting wet somehow LOL.

    I would have loved to get the lipgloss over the freakin’ black pencil eyeliner I got.

    The theme & box were pretty good this month but I cancelled since I’m getting all Ipsy now. I can’t wait to see how you like the Luxe box next month!

    Also, I’m sad because I’m all caught up on your blog but I totally understand posting more than once or twice a week would be too much with school & such. ♡

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    1. I know I have some tarte mascaras on my stash, but I dont believe I’ve ever used one from them? So itll be interesting. I think I’ll try their Better Than Sex next since I know some people are dying to hear what I think of it lol.
      I saw the other two, I think I would have liked the other two as well but I’m kind of glad to have these because one I’m giving away, and the 2nd I may actually use, especially during the summer lol
      Hahaha yeah the powder is unreal!! One of my faves in this box too! The powder alone makes the whole box worth it.
      Well I’m cancelling this month too after I get my luxe. I was able to get some things from when they had the Pop-Up, I was kind of late to it but glad I was able to get a few things. I also brought some stuff with my charms but would like to use up the rest, hopefully. Right now the charms room fucking sucks so they better change the products before I cancel.
      Well lately it’s just been because I havent had time and things have been super crazy over here, but I’ve been thinking about what I wanna do with my blog and I might change a lot of things and possibly stop making videos because no one watches anyway lol

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      1. Wait wait, isn’t Better Than Sex a Too Faced mascara? Or am I mistaken? Lol either way, I’m always dying to hear your opinion on mascara (or anything really!).

        I liked both of the eyeshadow duos but I think I like the two you got more. 😛 The powder really did make the whole box worth it, it’s serious magic!!

        Oh what’s the Pop-Up? How did I miss it? Lol. I’m excited to see what you got!!! Sorry that the items suck right now though, I hope they change ’em up before you hit cancel.

        I hope things slow down over there for you soon. ❤ Looking forward to seeing what you change on the blog. If you like making the videos, don't stop! People will discover & watch them, you'll see. ❤

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        1. Omg yeah you’re right 😂😂 I do have both tarte and too faced mascaras though I feel like I have always mistook some products for the others haha
          And they didnt send any emails out about the pop up which is why a lot of people missed out, I dont even remember how I came across it, but MSA blogged about it too and by the time I went to check it out, all the good stuff was gone. Basically it was like a huge sale, they had a lot of products from high end brands with some products with at least 60% to 80% off it was insane. And it wasnt something like the charms rooms where you could use your charms you had to use real money. So that was stupid because their charm room has products from previous boxes. I still got some charm money I wanna spend before I cancel but it’s looking like that’s not gonna happen?
          Thanks girl you’re too sweet!


          1. Lol I see how you could mix tarte & Too Faced up! I am bummed out I didn’t get to see what included in that pop up sale, wow! That’s stupid that the Charm Room has stuff from previous boxes? I think I got an e-mail today saying that added new stuff to it.

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          2. Did you really? I’ll have to check the charm room and give it a try because I’ve been checking quite often and have seen nothing, then again, if it’s something good, it sells out quick.

            I just checked but nothing new has been added 😦 and I cannot use my charms elsewhere, it can only be whatever they include in the charms room, which again, everything sucks LOL

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          3. Oh shoot, so idk if you’ve checked your email, they’re changing it up a bit. I got my boxyluxe, filmed it Monday and already finished editing my video but still need photos so may do that today to post tomorrow but yeah they’re making some changes lol

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  2. I’m sooo behind on reading but I’m trying to catch up again. I usually read during down time at work and it’s been busy for a few weeks. Anyway this looks like a pretty good box! I love the sound of that Becca mist! Does it change from a mist to a powder?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same girl lol. I’m a week behind,….again….haha
      Yea it wasnt a bad box. I’m excited to use lots of things and I have been using the powder and the lip liner a lot.
      And the powder is just that. I know the name makes it confusing. But the powder feels almost wet when applied, but not entirely. I think it does an amazing job at setting my concealer in my under eyes so thats what I’ve been using it for

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