April 2022 Mini Target Haul!

Happy Monday!

I officially start a new job today so I hope it goes well for me. I will be going in for orientation today and tomorrow on campus, and the rest of the training will be done at home, thankfully. Wish me luck! 🙂 Today I am sharing another mini haul from earlier this year. Just like in my last haul post I will be doing quick first impressions/speed reviews.

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Brand Focus & Review — Bliss

Hi again dolls!

I have been meaning to write this blog post for quite some time as I’ve had the chance to try several products from this brand and have concluded that I like their products! But don’t take my word for it either, I highly suggest you go and try them yourself. I’ve had luck in finding their minis at Ulta and Target, so next time you’re there, take a look!

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Another Ulta Beauty Mini Haul!

Hi again dolls and happy Friday!

I have a throwback haul post from November! It’s insane because it’s almost a year later. You might be wondering why I’m posting it at all then, well… I just wanted to talk about some of the items because I have some thoughts on them now that I’ve gotten the chance to use them.

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e.l.f. Hydrating Ever After Skincare Mini Kit

Hi everyone!

I am back! I will have to update you guys on my life at some point since I was gone for a few months again, but for now let’s take a look at this wonderful mini skincare kit from e.l.f. Cosmetics.

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Ulta Beauty Haul!

Heyy dolls!

We’re going to keep throwing it back until we can’t no more!

Today I have a quick post, a haul from Ulta.  All of this was from last September. Some stuff I started using already, other stuff I’m keeping in stock because I go through it quickly and a few others are repurchases.

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Product Empties — September to December 2020

Hello again!

It has been months but I want to jump right back in. I want to start by doing mini/speed reviews by recapping all my empties. I need to do this because I have kept everything for months and it’s time to take out the trash LOL.

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One Brand Focus & Review — Oh K!

Hello dolls!

I have missed you all. I am truly sorry for being away for so long. I know I always say that, but it has been a very weird year for everyone and a bit stressful. I know I am also behind on reading blogs but because I know I have missed an insane amount, I think I will only be catching up on this month’s posts and go on a liking spread for the rest to at least show support to your hard work as well. I hope that’s okay! 😦

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Physician’s Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot Brightening Serum Review

Hello again!

I have been feeling very productive lately and really wanting to get back into blogging, so I have been making a huge effort into working on several posts on my free time and scheduling them in advance, so expect to see more from me these upcoming weeks from both of my blogs. 🙂

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Gimmick or Innovation? — Becca Zero No Pigment Collection Review

Hi dolls!

It has been a weird time around here. I tried so hard to be active here on the blog during September, but I found it really difficult. Lots of life changes have been happening and we are trying to get everything sorted. But let’s move onto today’s post.

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