Buxom Cosmetics Holographic Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Top Coats Review & Swatches

Happy Friday loves!

I have been sitting on this review for such a long time, it is time for me to tell you guys my thoughts on these top coats from Buxom. I actually won these in an Instagram giveaway last year and I was so thrilled because many people raved over them and spoiler alert, I can see why!

I received the shades Camila, Iris, Jordan, and Savannah, although I believe Savannah is no longer available. It seems to be discontinued at this point because it no longer appears as an option to buy on their site. Bummer because it is a gorgeous one!


A bestselling gloss from the lip-plumping authority now available in holographic, prismatic top coat shades. Infused with smooth, prismatic pearls that create the illusion of fuller lips and provide a sexy, supernatural sheen minus gritty glitter. Take your lips and the holographic makeup trend to an entirely new level in a single swipe.

This high-shine gloss tingles to coax a gorgeous lip look while pampering and moisturizing lips with vitamins A and E. Enriched with menthol for a cooling, tingly sensation, this kaleidoscopic lacquer transforms lips and leaves them with sexy color and shine.

An exclusive, paddle-shaped silicone applicator floats effortlessly over lips without disrupting pigment underneath-making this sheer, iridescent top coat ideal for layering. Wear it alone to instantly illuminate lips or use it over any pout product to amplify and customize the color via three mesmerizing, multidimensional finishes (sparkle, prism, or opalescent) that suit every skin tone.

Free from: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and irritants commonly found in most plumping lip products.

Contains: a unique peptide and hyaluronic acid booster that painlessly pumps up the appearance of lips sans irritation.

Size: 4.0 ml / 0.14 fl oz
Price: 21.00 USD (currently on sale for $15.00 USD on their site)

Cruelty -free.


The product description literally says all you need to know. They are very smooth and wear comfortably, they do make my lips look fuller, and they also look amazing on top of other lipsticks.

They do not feel sticky and I really love that they contain vitamins A and E for moisturization. The menthol really does feel cooling and tingling. An easy and painless application!


I love their iridescence because they catch and reflect light so well, too bad I had a hard time photographing them. They look great! Here is a quick summary of what each shade looks like:

A golden peach with gold sparkle top coat that can be worn alone for a sparkling bronze shade. It truly enhances warm tones and it sparkles incredibly and looks lovely!

A fuchsia pink with shifting blue sparkle top coat. Can be worn alone for a pink hue with pretty blue prism pearls. It looks great over pink lipsticks, it adds a mystical dimension to them!


A blue with fuchsia opal iridescence sparkle top coat. Can be worn alone. Has a blue hue with pink prism pearls. It can be worn over a classic red lip to bring out berry tones. Note: this one looks patchy when applied on bare lips. Looks better when applied over something else.

A coral/gold duochrome with coral/peach gold top coat. Can be worn alone for a peachy shade with gold prism effect. It amps up coral shades. Note: this one looks patchy when applied on bare lips. Looks better when applied over something else.

I really love these lip plumping top coats because they can applied over a favorite lipstick and they kick it up a notch. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with these ever since receiving them.

Are you a lipgloss person? Do you like lip plumping products?


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Disclosure: I won these in a giveaway! Thoughts and opinions are honest and 100% my own.

12 thoughts on “Buxom Cosmetics Holographic Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Top Coats Review & Swatches

  1. I loveee buxom lip glosses (esp for the plumping part lol), they’re so good! Savannah is so pretty and to your point I love that they’re lip plumping top coats so you can come up with some great lip concoctions with those shades!!

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  2. These look so lovely! I’ve only tried two lip plumping glosses and they both did nothing to make my lips look fuller, but I’ve heard Buxom really knows what they’re doing in that department!

    Liked by 1 person

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