Unboxing — April 2019 Boxycharm

Hello my dolls!

I know I keep saying I’m coming back, and then I stop blogging, and I come back again and leave again.. I really don’t mean to do that. First it was because I needed to step away and now I just can’t find the time to fully come back, lol.. I will try to fill you all in on the details very very soon! I am SO behind on lots of posts and videos, so I will be playing catch up once more.

Today I’m unboxing my April Boxycharm and as always, I will be giving my first impressions.

Theme: Peace, Love & Boxy

I had to have known they would make a festival themed box this month because of Coachella. I don’t care for Coachella nor the “festival” scene, but I love how all the products fit into this month’s theme which doesn’t happen often.



  • Bodyography Eye Pencil
  • Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss
  • Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder Highlighter
  • Luxie The Summer Daze 3 pc Brush Set
  • PÜR The Complexion Authority Festival Palette

First Impressions:

You all know how I feel about eye pencils. Don’t care for them. I have several black ones I’m still trying to finish and putting these in my stash would be wasteful, so I will be giving it away, like the rest of them..

I don’t remember if I have seen the Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss anywhere but it certainly looks familiar. I have been loving using lip toppers and plumpers on top of my lipstick and I love the look, so I will be putting this one to use.


I was so stoked to have gotten the Artist Couture Glow Powder because I had heard of this brand a few years back, and lots of people really love their products. I cannot wait to use mine!!

Always love getting brushes, especially Luxie, and these are soo cuteee! Love the gradient coloring on the handle 🙂

Lastly, the PÜR palette. It’s not surprising to see PUR yet again on a box, they make an appearance quite frequently. This brand tends to be kind of hit or miss for me, so while I can’t comment fully on the quality of their products as a whole, this palette definitely looks fun and colorful and I cannot wait to play with it a bit!

What products did you guys get in your box?
What product are you most excited to try?


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13 thoughts on “Unboxing — April 2019 Boxycharm

    1. Luxie brushes are the best! I tried to swatch the holographic gloss for a picture and you couldn’t really see it much. Hopefully it looks better on the lips otherwise it’s a waste lol.

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  1. The Appeal lip gloss looked similar to me, too… did we already get it in a different shade in our Boxys or something? Lol. I agree that the Luxie brushes were super cute & I noticed PUR is featured a lot but, it’s my first product by them!! Have you tried the palette at all yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t gotten it before, this is my first time but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have because that chocolate liner keeps getting put into the boxes every other month or so lol
      I haven’t tried the palette yet. I haven’t done my makeup in like two or three weeks. Depressing. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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