LOOKBOOK — Colors of the Rainbow feat. e.l.f. x Jkissa To The Rescue Palette

Hii dolls!

This lookbook was meant to be posted weeks ago, but my husband unexpectedly had a furlough week in July, and was at home with us, so I took advantage and spent time outdoors. Then of course I hosted a pop-up so I was busy with all that. So now, I am back-tracking on posts, but good news for you is, I have content to put out 🙂

Admittedly, this would have been a great lookbook to have back in June, just in time for pride month. But as usual, I procrastinate.. Even so, once I created my first Pride makeup look, I instantly had the idea to do each color individually to create several monochromatic looks, with the exception of one*.


Since I had trouble with a few of the shades in my Pride look, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know each shade better. I am aware that reds, blues and purples can be really hard to make, especially vegan, so it was a challenge to work with a few but this was good practice to see what works and what doesn’t. I am noting that I do suffer from dry eyelids every once in a while, which could have contributed to my struggle, but I honestly felt like I had an easier time with this palette this time around.


I absolutely adore these shades! This look does lean towards mustard tones, but more the better because I will be able to use these shades in the fall. Couldn’t help but take inspo from Jennie and wear a top to match my makeup as well, so thanks for that gorgeous!

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Shades Used: Yosemite, Paloma, Firefly


* * *


Another beautiful look that was so fun to make! Green is another one of my favorite colors so I was so pleased to see that the darker green shade didn’t muddy up the look.


Shades Used: Peaky, Tank, Reagan


* * *

Blue & Purple Two-Tone

I had to do these two colors together because I had the hardest time with them when I did my Pride look. I did not want to bother with doing both of my eyes with each color so I opted for this two-tone look. As you can see, I didn’t have a hard time with patchiness the way I did before.


Shades Used: Cannoli, Thatcher, Bailey, Sadie, Pretty Girl, Confetti


* * *


It has been a while since I’ve done red eyeshadow looks and I absolutely love them. There is something about red makeup that feels so powerful yet feminine? Anyway, I really enjoyed working with these shades.


Shades Used: Casey, Pepper, Strawberry


* * *


Lastly, another orange look! I know you guys are probably tired of seeing these already which is why I won’t make a big deal about it, however, I will* say that the shimmery shade, Tsuki, seemed like the least pigmented out of all the shimmer shades. I find that a bit disappointing because it is a pretty shade and it has potential.


Shades Used: Millie, Zuma, Tsuki


* * *

Did anyone else get a chance to grab this palette?
Which of the six shades is your favorite?
And which of the five looks are you drawn to more?


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22 thoughts on “LOOKBOOK — Colors of the Rainbow feat. e.l.f. x Jkissa To The Rescue Palette

  1. The yellow and blue/purple looks are my favourite! What a great range of shades in this palette, they look like good quality too! E.L.F has definitely improved in quality over the years 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the yellow one so much! And the blue and purple one isn’t completely the same or even but I still love the way it turned out 🙂 I’m just such a fan of two-toned eye makeup 😀
      And yes, elf has increased the quality of their makeup since I started using their makeup when I was a teen!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! 😀 And since you guys are going into spring and soon summer, I think you could definitely wear oranges and yellows 🙂 I didn’t wear yellows enough this season, I went with loads of orange looks haha


  2. You’ve done it again!! I’m literally just about to go out so I need to come back to this to take the time out to comment on each look individually haha because this post deserves all the love Rossy you flawless makeup Queen!!! Stay tuned for my next comment later 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These looks are all so pretty! I especially love the yellow, green and RED looks! I can never make red eyeshadow work for me but it looks amazing on you!
    This palette is so versatile, JKissa did a great job with the shades 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cleia! ❤
      The yellow is one of my favorites, I almost wish I could have done more yellow looks this season just to wear but I really went overboard with orange LOL.

      Yes, she totally outdid herself this time. I'm still a little jelly I didn't get the chance to get her first palette lol.


      1. There’s still time, Summer isn’t over for a few weeks! I’ve been pulling out all my orange shades too though, it feels like Fall now haha
        I think this second palette is so much better than the first one! I love the original but you can do a lot more with this one.

        Liked by 1 person

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