LOOKBOOK — 5 Looks feat. BH Cosmetics Trendy in Tokyo

Hi again dolls!

Yet another lookbook! I am aware that it is no longer summer but my absence has delayed many of my posts. I have been in a creative rut for what seems like, all year. Creating has been hard for me, and now that I want to create once again, I seem to have less time. But I’m not here to complain, I’m here to show you some looks I was able to get done using a very colorful palette.

Here is the palette I used for this lookbook:


I have also created a lookbook for a different BH Cosmetics palette, Summer in St. Tropez, check it out here.

Look #1: Cotton Candy Sky

This look was inspired by one of Jodi’s (a brash attitude) Instagram posts from over the summer. It was a beautiful sky shot and it looked like cotton candy, and I knew I had to do a look inspired by it. The following shot was with flash because it was so late in the day. It is also my second* attempt at this look.


Shades Used: Fortune, Sushi, Trendsetter, Blossom
Essence Eyeliner Pen in White & BH Cosmetics Studio PRO Lashes in D302


The photo above is in natural lighting but I wasn’t pleased with how it looked. The bottom photo is my first attempt at this look, and as you can see from the photos above, I improved it a bit, but now I’m not sure which attempt I love more LOL.


Here is that Instagram post from Jodi:

I have already posted this look on my own Instagram, so if you follow me over there, you probably already saw it. 🙂


Look #2: Warm Rainbow

Of course I always do rainbow and sunset looks when I have these specific colors in a palette, and I couldn’t help but create one this time around. I didn’t anticipate that I’d be adding white eyeliner to it, otherwise I would have made the eyeshadow spread out more in a wing style rather than around the eye, if that makes sense.


Shades Used: Kyoto, Emoji, Sushi, Karaoke, Wasabi, Tempura, Bamboo
Essence Eyeliner Pen in White, BH Cosmetics Studio PRO Lashes in D302


I really love how white eyeliner looks against these colors, I want to recreate this and make it better now that I have an idea/vision in my head.


Look #3: Rose Red

I only have one good photo from this look. I fell in love with this, I am so eager to do it again 🙂


Shades Used: Fashion, Trendsetter, Blossom, Anime, Mt. Fuji, Sake
BH Cosmetics Studio PRO Lashes in D302


Look #4: Red-Plum Double Cut-Crease

I had another idea of doing a purple and red look, and this palette had both of those colors. I didn’t want to do what I’ve been doing all along, and I wanted to practice cut creases and winged liner but with eyeshadow. This turned out a lot better than I had hoped.


Shades Used: Blossom, Fashion, Wasabi, Kyoto
BH Cosmetics Studio PRO Lashes in D302


I also really love the inner corner being a different color (Wasabi), I think that makes the look really stand out.


Look #5: Red Rose Gradient

Another look featuring pretty much the same shades as look #3 because I wanted to try another kind of cut crease look, but the shades kind of ended up blending together so I kind of consider it a fail, although my husband really liked it.


Shades Used: Fashion, Sushi, Trendsetter, Emoji, Anime, Sake
BH Cosmetics Studio PRO Lashes in D302


I really dislike the glue I used for this look, it got really thick and sticky (not in a good way), so it ruined the lashline. (>.<) Overall though, I like the red shade on the outer-v.

For the most part I’ve been pleased with this palette. I have been having a hard time with the cooler toned shades being patchy, but I’ve been trying to find ways around that. I have started taking pictures of all my creations and have decided I also want to show you my “scrapped” looks, so eventually you will see some of those here. For now, this is it.

Do you like seeing complicated or simpler looks?
Which of these above is/are your favorite look(s)?


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