July 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag Review + Swatches

Hey dolls!

I’m sorry it took longer than usual to put up this review. It took me a bit longer to test these products out this month. It’s been hotter than usual and it honestly makes me not want to wear makeup lol. So I actually haven’t worn makeup in a while, and I was unable to take a picture when I used the products from July’s Ipsy (sorry!)

Now let’s get on for what you’re here for! πŸ™‚

Bag Contents:


  • Puretem Purevera Emulsion
  • Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel
  • OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Gold Rush
  • So Susan Blender Brush
  • Trifle Cosmetics Raspberry Ripple Ombre Radiance Blush Palette in Soft Ripple

OFRA Cosmetics
Pressed Powder Eyeshadow in Gold Rush


Quick Description & Claims:

The intense pigment of these pressed powder eyeshadows work wet or dry. Longwear formula remains crease-free. These shadows are matte and shimmer at the SAME time. Gold Rush is a warm, earthy brown. Add water to reveal the precious metal!

See ingredients at Ipsy.com

Mini Product Review:

I love OFRA Cosmetics and their products. They’re such high quality and very pigmented! I’ve been loving gold shades for summer for a nice gold-bronze look and this one is just SUPER gorgeous! It’s already very pigmented dry, and they tend to be more pigmented when wet. And I thought it was weird that these shades are both shimmer and matte at the same time, like how does that work? It all depends on how the light hits it–if the light hits it directly, it will look like a shimmer shade, and whatever isn’t exposed to the light, will look matte. (See swatches below).

It’s AMAZING! On the pan this shade looks VERY VERY pigmented and dark, but it’s actually a very natural gold shade that gives my eyelids a nice sheen, and I found it perfect to wear for everyday/natural makeup looks. Also, this eyeshadow does not crease! πŸ™‚

So Susan
Blender Brush


Quick Description & Claims:

Made of quality nylon and taklon (synthetic and soft fiber). Blends everything from blush, powder, cream, highlighter, shadow, etc. 100% cruelty-free.

See ingredients at Ipsy.com

Mini Product Review:

I love how soft this brush is! I didn’t get to try it with highlighters, blush or cream products, but I did use it for eyeshadow and I loved it. It picks up a decent amount of product and blends nicely. It’s also perfect for packing on product and I love that it’s cruelty free.

Purevera Emulsion


Quick Description & Claims:

Antioxidant-rich formula protect even the most sensitive skin from environmental irritants and stressors. Made from 100% pure organic aloe vera.

See ingredients at Ipsy.com

Mini Product Review:

When I got this product, I wasn’t sure what “emulsion” meant or what it was. I thought it was some kind of treatment or a serum that you use before your moisturizer. Well, this is a moisturizer.

Some people have said that it’s pretty lightweight and absorbs quick, and I guess I can agree, but it’s a bit thicker than I like for a “lightweight” moisturizer. I couldn’t bring myself to use this during the day–perhaps when the weather gets cold–so I used it as a night-time moisturizer and I woke up with soft, hydrated skin.

This moisturizer would be SOOO good for people with dry skin, in my opinion. I like it but it’s more a night cream than day cream for me.

Trifle Cosmetics
Raspberry Ripple Ombre Radiance Blush Palette in Soft Ripple


Quick Description & Claims:

Super versatile palette has 3 shades, go from subtle to seriously lit. Super long-wearing poweder is infused with “Coated Colour Pigments” which keep your flush game strong from A.M to after party. Good for your complexion, paraben-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

See ingredients at Ipsy.com

Mini Product Review:

So I already talked about how ridiculously small this sample was in my unboxing. Turns out, this isn’t a sample at ALL, it’s the actual size that the brand sells, and this little item costs $17! Can you believe that?!

The brand’s site on this product gives a few tips on how to use this blush palette:

Brush the left and middle shades (both with Radiance Glow β„’ pigments) onto apples of your cheeks when you need color & illumination. Use the last shade on the right (with pure Resveratrol) to help give color, moisture & reduce hyperpigmentation.

See more at Trifle Cosmetics

I can see why it’s called the Ombre Radiance Blush Paletteyou’re supposed to use the shades together rather than separately. However, I found it kind of hard to use because the pale pink shade does NOT go with my skin tone and I have to be VERY light-handed otherwise it looks unnatural.

Same with the darker shade, have to use a light-hand or it looks too muddy, however, I did like the natural glow it gave my skin. It was as though I used an illuminator. My favorite shade was the middle one, it looked good on my skin tone, and I feel like it’s one of those shades that looks good across all skin tones.

Overall, I fail to see why it’s so damn expensive. The concept of using three shades together for blush sounds good on paper, but I don’t think they took into account the various skin tones. I do like the ingredients and the benefits, but I found it kind of hard to work with the pale pink shade the most. That’s one shade I probably will NEVER use. In my opinion, it would be better if these shades were sold separately, unless there’s a way to mix the shades to create your own but I didn’t get a chance to do that. Perhaps I will update this post when I try that.

Tarte Cosmetics
Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel


Quick Description & Claims:

Dissolve waterproof makeup with this hypoallergenic, non-drying cleanser that’s ideal for daily use. It’s vegan, so antioxidant marine ingredients like algae and marine flower extract are the only food we see.

See ingredients at Ipsy.com

Mini Product Review:

I love how luxurious the formula of this cleanser feels. It’s very soft and goes on smoothly onto my face. I was surprised at how clean my face felt even though it didn’t lather very much. It seemed more like a cleansing oil to me but it’s not an oil.

Anyway, I’m very impressed by this product I will have to take a look into their skincare line to see what else they have. This one is definitely a must try for everyone!

Now to the fun stuff….!


Product Swatches:

Left to Right: Trifle Cosmetics Ombre Radiance Blush Palette and OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Gold Rush


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27 thoughts on “July 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag Review + Swatches

  1. I love how your posts are always so detailed and well thought out, your reviews are great. You’re right about the blush palette- the pale pink is very pale, the middle shade is definitely the prettiest but even so, for that price I think there’s way better blush palettes on the market. Love the look of the eyeshadow though, such a pretty colour. Cool that its matte and shimmer too x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks doll! I do my best to be as detailed as possible without being too redundant or write too much LOL.
      And seriously, there’s definitely better ones. The eyeshadow is gorgeous! On the pan it looks darker but it looks super natural on the eyes πŸ˜€


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