Influenster — Carol’s Daughter Haircare VoxBox Review


I’m doing yet another review of products that I received sometime last summer. Just like the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil, I wasn’t required to write a blog post so I’ve had all this time to use these products, so let me tell you if they worked for me or not.


Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Let’s get started with these product reviews! I’d love to know if anyone else is familiar with the brand.

Pracaxi Nectar Wash n’ Go Leave-In


Adds definition, prevents frizz, enhances shine!

For Waves & Coils
Everyday wash-n-go’s can leave hair feeling dry and looking undefined. Bring long-lasting moisture and shining definition to your hair with this lightweight leave-in. It helps soften and moisturize hair—adding bounce and a boost of shine!

Powerful ingredients at work:

  • Pracaxi Oil
  • Acai Extract
  • Olive Oil

Use on wet hair to detangle and define. Before combing or styling, apply a quarter size amount into palms of hands and work through hair, applying it evenly from roots to tips. Apply more as needed to help define your curls and enhance your style. Do not rinse out.

Size: 8 fl oz / Price: $11.50 USD


I love leave-in products because they help detangle my hair and they typically prevent frizz. I was stoked to have gotten this product, and even more when I saw the label and it said for “waves and coils”. I have wavy hair which can be hard to manage but this product was a game changer.

I use it every single time I wash my hair and it adds softness and shine. It also does add some volume and bounce to my hair, so it doesn’t look terribly flat. I am able to use this product along with others to style my hair, but what I love about it is that I can use it on its own to style my hair to enhance my waves even more!

Pracaxi Nectar Frizz Tamer


Smoothes edges, provides conditioning hold, adds softness and shine.

For All Hair Styles
Don’t let frizzies sabotage your slicked-back ponytails or tapered cuts. Smooth those pesky flyaways with this frizz-fighting gel-pomade-wax combo. Inspired by Lisa’s trip to Brazil, it’s infused with natural Pracaxi Oil, plus Acai Extract and Olive Oil. This sleek styler provides conditioning hold while leaving behind a polished shine. It’s definitely a smooth-style essential.

The Pracaxi Nectar Recipe:
Blended with natural Pracaxi Oil, Acai Extract and Olive Oil and other carefully selected ingredients.

* Allure 2018 Best of Beauty — Styling Product: Edge Tamer

Using a small amount, use your fingertips and/or a brush to mold, lay down, tame and smooth frizz at your edges and hairline.

Size: 2oz / Price: $8 USD


I wasn’t too sure about this product only because in the past I have used gels and pomades which were too thick and instead of taming my frizz, they would make my hair look greasy and gross. So I wasn’t too keen on trying it.


However, when I finally did and used a bit on my baby hairs, I was surprised by how well it worked. Granted it doesn’t tame my baby hairs completely when I have a ponytail, but it does its job fairly well. I did find that it makes my hair greasy if too much product is used, so I still have to go easy on this. Even so, if I use just the right amount, it adds shine to my hair and I love that it provides conditioning as well.

Pros & Cons:


  • Leave-in:
    • Adds definition
    • Prevents frizz
    • Enhances shine
    • For waves and coils
    • Lightweight
    • No need to wash off
    • Softens and hydrates
    • Detangles
    • Can be used alone
    • Able to style hair (to an extent)
  • Frizz Tamer:
    • Smooths frizz
    • Adds softness and shine
    • Provides conditioning
    • Good for styling
  • Both:
    • Fair price/Inexpensive
    • Available at Target!
    • NO sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors
    • Cruelty-free


  • (Frizz Tamer) — Leaves hair greasy/oily if too much product is used

I’m happy to have gotten the opportunity to try this brand, especially these two products because my hair is usually my biggest problem. These two products have made it so much easier for me to manage and style my hair and will definitely purchase the products when I run out.


Had you ever heard of this brand before?
Would you try their products?


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Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. This review is a personal opinion and is honest. I did not receive compensation besides the products to try.

6 thoughts on “Influenster — Carol’s Daughter Haircare VoxBox Review

  1. Ooh, I have never heard of this brand before! How exciting, you always introduce me to new things Rossy 🙂 I like the sound of the wash n go leave in, and it’s great that you enjoy the product so much! And it’s great the brand is cruelty free too 🙂 thanks for sharing Rossy!

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      1. Yeah there was actually quite a few items by this brand but I didn’t look into them because I think they were mostly hair products too, I’m almost positive I saw that first bottle in your post!

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