Japan Crate — Unboxing & Review

Hello lovess!!

I am finally sharing an unboxing / review with you guys on this amazing box I got from FYE, the JAPAN CRATE!!

I briefly shared it with you guys in my June favorites because I didn’t think anyone cared, but so many of you were telling me you wanted me to review it so here I am! 🙂 You’re welcome! 🙂


No video today, let’s get started!! 😀

Corn Pottage

These light, crisp, savory corn puffs are the perfect snack to munch on! They’re a crowd favorite and tastes exactly like creamy corn pottage.


The first snack we tried because it seemed like something simple. I’ve never tried corn pottage, nor do I even know what pottage is?? But anyway, to me, this snack tastes exactly like corn (obviously) but I also felt like it tasted like Funyuns. I’ve only had Funyuns once or twice but the taste really resembled that.  They were okay but I don’t think I would ever get these myself.

Chocolate Waffle

Yummy Belgian waffles  dipped in chocolate to go with your afternoon coffee or tea.


Ciel really wanted to try this one so I let him go for it. I had a tiny bite and it did really taste like Belgian waffle (my fave breakfast), but cookie form. The chocolate didn’t overpower the flavor of the cookie. Super good, 10/10 would love to buy it! Ciel obviously enjoyed it too because he ate it so fast.

Umaiwa Yasai Salad

Umaibo Rings are perfect for fans of cheese puffs but who also like snacks with an umami taste. The mixed veggie, salad flavor provides a savory, lightly salty flavor that’s uniquely delicious.


I think these were among the last ones we tried from the entire box, and I really, like really REALLY liked them! Definitely had that veggie flavor, it was like an explosion of flavor in my mouth. Lightly salted but so good! I actually am a fan of cheese puffs but the cheese flavor can’t be annoying like the Cheetos Puffs or Doritos, so these were perfect for me! I’d rather get these over anything else!

Pandaro Melon Pan

This adorable Panda shaped cookie is rich with a delicious melony taste. A nice snack to complement an afternoon tea!


I found a Japanese bakery not too long ago and tried their melon pan for the first time! I absolutely loved it so I wanted to see if the flavor of this melon cookie would come close to it, and to my surprise, IT DID! Such a great, flavorful but not annoying, cookie! I’d love to have a bag full of these, honestly! Super delish, soft and slightly crispy!

Umaibo Mentaiko Flavor

Umaibo is one of Japan’s favorite okashi! This variation is designed to taste like mentaiko roe, a staple flavor when it comes to Japanese chips and puffs.


I’ve never really had any fish-flavored snacks so this was a first for us. I did not like the after taste, very fishy. Like it’s not bad at first, but I just didn’t like the taste it left in my mouth. However, I did like how crunchy and soft it was. It literally melted in my mouth.

Neri Cho Soft Ice Cream Strawberry

With this DIY kit, you’ll be able to make “soft” serve ice cream in a unique foamy candy form. It even comes with wafer cone to serve your handmade ice cream.


The instructions to make this were in Japanese, so couldn’t translate very well. It also didn’t show how much water to use to create the “ice cream”, so Alex kind of tried to wing it as best as he could. The ice cream came out a little bit runny than it should have been, but luckily it didn’t fall off the cone. And one of our cones was broke, so oh well.

The flavor tasted like pop rocks to me, I don’t know what that was, but it was a nice little DIY thing to make with Ciel, and he really enjoyed it. It tasted a bit sour to me, and Alex thought it wasn’t sweet enough.

French Fries

Did you know that french fries in Japan are simply called “Fried Potato”? Have a pack of delicious savory fries anywhere you go!


This is what I imagined french fries would taste like in the form of chips. And they’re not like potato chips either, they were a bit unique. Definitely savory and super good! Would love to get these again.

Awadama Black

Awadama Black – literally meaning “bubble ball black”. Quite ominous for an innocent black cherry candy drop!


Not much to say about this. Tasted like cherry, but at the same time it tasted like Coca-Cola, the drink? It was interesting. Wouldn’t mind getting this again.

Texas Corn

Texas corn chips are actually crisp puffballs flavored with okonomiyaki sauce! Light, fluffy, and savory!


I was a bit skeptical about these because of the okonomiyaki sauce, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them! They were amazing! Light, fluffy, and savory, just like the descriptions says! And I ended up liking the okonomiyaki flavor more than I thought I would. I want more of these!

Black Thunder

One of Japan Crate’s favorite candies of all time! Cookie, crisp filling wrapped in chocolate!


One of my favorites as well! It tasted like a crunch bar with Oreo’s. Super good. Definitely a great little treat for when I’m feeling like eating chocolate because it doesn’t feel like it’s too much.


Bonchiage is a traditional rice cracker snack. You would often find them in festival freshly popped and brushed over with sweet soy sauce.


I enjoy eating rice cakes and rice cracker snacks so I was looking forward to trying these. Was skeptical of the soy sauce flavor but oh my GOSH were they so GOOD!! loved them! I cannot believe they make these at festivals, they were definitely a treat! If I ever go to Japan I want to try some freshly made ones! 😀 10/10 would recommend!

Big Mashuro

BIG! BIG! MARSHMALLOW! One of the biggest we’ve seen! Definitely would make a mean s’more! Just have to find a graham cracker big enough!


Nothing else to it, just a huge marshmallow! Ciel doesn’t care for marshmallows as much, he prefers crunchy snacks, so I ended up eating it. I thought it was cute how big it was.

Strawberry Ramune & BBQ Potato Sticks

Ramune is a classic Japanese soft drink. Each bottle is sealed with a marble that when pressed down releases and opens the drink!


Crispy shoe string potato chips with a kick of barbeque! These guys are a okashi staple and munched on by kids all over Japan!


I remember the first time I tried Ramune, also strawberry flavored and loved how you have to press down the marble to open it! That’s always fun! I kind of wish I could have gotten a different drink since I’ve had these before, so it’s nothing new, but still a nice little drink to get.


I’ve never been a fan of BBQ chips, but I did try them. I let Alex have them. Something about BBQ chips I don’t like. Alex enjoyed them of course. Anyway, they had a mild BBQ flavor than anything I’ve ever tasted, it wasn’t overpowering. And the chips were nice and crunchy. I would probably eat these over anything else I’ve tried, they weren’t annoying.

BONUS ITEM: Polar Bear Pen

Lazy little polar bear atop a colorful doughnut! Both silly and cute to make writing notes a little more fun!


I thought this was the cutest little pen ever! The polar bear sitting on a donut, come on!! Cuteee! And what was even better was that the pen was thin, perfect for creating lines and writing in my BuJo! Would love to get more cutesy stationery things like this!

That’s it! I really had loads of fun trying all these different snacks with my boys! I would love to get another box like this and possibly the ramen one as well! Hopefully I can convince Alex to let me get it, because that would be super dope! 😀


What did you guys think of this box? See anything you like?
Would you ever get something like this??


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39 thoughts on “Japan Crate — Unboxing & Review

    1. Oh idk I can choose! Lol there were so many good ones! Like the umaibo rings, the Texas corn, the black thunder, and the bonchiage. Idk they are were unique in their own way and very delicious

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh my gosh this post is so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing, I totally wanna get a box like this!! Where did you get it? Everything about it just seems like such a fun experience… except for that fishy sweet, EW LOL! Fish is bad enough in real fish forumal (sorry fish and also anyone who likes eating fish lol, I’ve never been a fan), let alone a sweet. This is bizarre to me LOL. Anyway, I’ve no idea what Pottage is either? I’m definitely going to google it to find out, either way, the Corn Pottage does look nice, I think I’d like that myself. Also those Umaiwa Yasai Salad snacks, they sound delicious and you really liked them so they must be good. I’ll definitely be trying them when I visit Japan! All the heart eyes! That Black Thunder bar sounds yummy too… I totally want chocolate now! This post was so great Rossy and so entertaining / interesting to read. Thank you so much for sharing hun have a great week / weekend ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. isn’t it? and I got it at a store in the mall, I was shocked when I saw it I just had to get it LOL.
      I just looked it up online because it’s a subscription and if you go to their site (japancrate.com) you can browse the boxes they have, they have five boxes including this one and they ship worldwide so you can definitely get this box for yourself, though it would have different items. the others look cool too so who knows, maybe I will get those in the future since I will be cancelling my boxy LOL
      LOL I KNOWWW! Not a huge fan of fish, in fact, I hardly eat fish, and if I do, it HAS to be cooked AND it’s usually cod, shrimp and…that’s it LMAO
      I looked up what pottage was just now and it’s a term used for a thick soup or stew that is made by boiling vegetables or grains.. so I guess the taste makes sense now? LOL but still, it was ok, not something I would get again.
      The Umaibo rings (yasai salad) were definitely a fave, I probably could have eaten them with a salad, no joke XD
      Oh gosh when I ate black thunder I considered that my cheat day because it was chocolate and it was so so so GOOD! Omg my mouth is watering just thinking about it again LOL
      Thanks to YOU for stopping by lovee! Have an amazing weekend as well :)<3 xx


    1. LOL you probably would have! Yeah the fishy one was idk…..not good to me haha
      but everything else was a blast to try and definitely loads of unique flavors that you wouldn’t have tried anywhere here in the states, unless you visited an Asian supermarket and grabbed some snacks from there, but since I can’t read the labels I never go for it unless it’s obvious LOL
      I doubt a lot of these snacks can be found here anyway as this box comes straight from Japan, it’s a subscription and they have four other boxes so I may give the others a shot some day too 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a cool box! 😀 and the ice cream one being runny was mostly our fault, my husband added a bit too much water, but only because the directions didn’t really specify either, or rather, we couldn’t find the directions anywhere on the packet?
      and thanks for stopping by! means a lot! have an amazing weekend! xx


  2. Oh my gosh, yay, thank you for posting this unboxing! All of the packaging is so cute & it’s super interesting how different their snacks are from ours.

    I’ve never tried pan before but now, I want to! I’ll have to see if I can find a bakery near me that sells them, too. Super cute the cookie was shaped like a panda. 😍 The ice cream thing is super interesting, huh… very fun & innovative.

    Texas Corn, Bonchiage, & the Black Thunder are the top 3 I’d like to try! The big marshmallow made me laugh & I get why you’d want things you’ve not tried before, even if the drink is a good one. 😛 I am swooning over the pen LOL I freakin’ adore cutesy stuff like that. A ramen box does sound dope!! Can’t wait to see it if you do get it. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!!
      And isnt the packaging the best?? I freaking love it!! What I like is that the flavors for their snacks are also very unique. You would never see snacks like these made in America lol.
      Omg you must! The melon pan kind of reminded me of the Mexican sweet bread they call “concha” but I can honestly say the melon pan is better than a concha haha. In MY opinion lol. If you ever come to Portland we can take you to the bakery. It’s not in* portland, it’s out on Beaverton which is outside the city, but a must try! Even if you dont try the melon pan there are other breads and pastries that you can try.
      You literally picked MY top three!! 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ nice!! I think you’d really like all three as well they were delicious! I cannot pick between Texas corn or bonchiage. They’re both so good!!
      I honestly would love to get Japanese stationery just because of how cute it is! I think they have a box like that so I’m totally getting it and trying it out. I’m gonna try all of their boxes actually. In time lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YESS!! their packaging is the cutest & I agree, I wish we could have some unique snacks but a lot of Americans wouldn’t even try it because “they don’t know what it is.” LOL.

        Ahh sounds good! I would LOVE for you to bring me to the bakery. I need to try this melon pan! & since I’ve never had a concha, I’d like to try that, too lol!

        Maybe because you praised those three snacks the most is why I chose them, hehe. 😉

        I have seen the Japanese stationery boxes, SO CUTE!! Please share if you get any other ones!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha yeah typical Americans lol.
          Alright awesome! We can totally do that too!
          I will* get those other boxes I just kind of have to wait haha we’ve been spending money over here like crazy, not intentionally mind you we just havent really played any attention haha

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow this is such a fun blog post!! I love reading/watching people try treats or snacks from other countries! What a great selection to try too! I didn’t expect there to be so many items for you to try. They all sound so interesting, especially those French fries, lol. I’m so surprised that you don’t like BBQ chips. They are one of my favorites, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a fun concept isnt it? Trying things you’re not familiar with lol. I know! I was impressed with the amount of products, not bad for $30. I would have spent money had I gotten each individual thing, separately I bet.
      Idk why I dont like bbq chips, it’s the flavor I dont like maybe? But I do love actual bbq chicken and all that lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s not bad at all for $30!! It had such variety too.
        Yeah, I think the brand of BBQ chips matters too, sometimes they can taste a little stale. And it doesn’t taste like actual BBQ most of the time. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh have you had them before?? I thought they were pretty good. Haven’t been able to find them here in the states lol.
      And no problem, my mouth is currently watering at the thought of Japanese snacks xD

      Liked by 1 person

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