Violet Voss Essentials Palette Review & Swatches + 4 Looks

Happy Friday dolls!

I cannot believe I forgot but my blogiversary was on Monday! I have officially been blogging for 5 years! And while I thought about stopping/quitting multiple times over the years, I don’t know that I can do that ! I love this space so much and all of you who consistently engage with me. Honestly, the community is what is keeping me going, you guys are the best! ❤

Now, onto today’s review! I will be reviewing a product I received in one of my BoxyLuxe boxes, the Violet Voss Essentials palette.

Product Description from Violet Voss:

The Essentials Palette is a refreshing new take on essential shades. It includes 10 full-size pans of warm and cool tones in breathtaking matte and metallic finishes. Achieve endless day-to-night looks with this compact palette that is the perfect size for travel.

Size: 0.04 oz / 1.2g x 10 eyeshadows
Price: $29.00 USD

Packaging & Cost Breakdown

The palette comes in cardboard packaging with magnetic closure and includes a mirror, so recycling it might be hard unless you take it apart, which might prove hard. It’s also very sleek and small so it would be great for travel. The letters ‘Essentials’ are lightly embossed on the front with a really cool color gradient. Inside, the mirror is small and the shade names are under their respective shade.


This palette retails for $29.00 USD, which is a bit more than half of the price of its sister palette, Holy Grail PRO. It contains 10 pans (also half as much as HG) and has a net weight of 13 grams. That brings the cost per pan to $2.90 USD and cost per gram to $2.23 USD

Formula & Application

I was honestly super stoked and excited about this palette after trying their Holy Grail PRO palette last year. I figured the formula would be the same and to my surprise, it was! I didn’t have a hard time blending or building up the shades. Honestly creating looks with this palette was such a breeze! So, so easy!


The shades are really pigmented as well but can also be used with a light hand for a subtle wash of color. I think Violet Voss makes really good eyeshadows and they are great for beginners and experienced enthusiasts. I love that this palette has a nice range of colors as well, and you can truly create so many looks ranging from subtle/natural to bold and colorful.


I really enjoyed using this palette even though I felt stuck creatively at the time when I tested it. I can definitely call these shades ‘essentials’. I appreciate that there’s a black shade even though there are darker ones out there, this one does the job just fine. I especially like the matte shades because they’re perfect and usually the go-to ones for the crease and to soften harsh edges when creating all kinds of looks. They worked really well with the shimmer shades.

Shade Breakdown & Swatches

Onto my favorite part about palette reviews! These shades were really easy to swatch and they felt very buttery and smooth, just like in their sister palette, Holy Grail PRO.


  • Cream: pearlescent white with silver flecks
  • Sand: peachy matte
  • Terra Cotta: orange matte
  • Gold: yellow-gold metallic
  • Emerald: metallic emerald with green flecks
  • Pink: metallic pink with gold flecks
  • Dusty Rose: pinky-mauve matte
  • Plum Berry: metallic plum with blue flecks
  • Cinnamon: brick red brown matte
  • Black: slate black matte


I really like their take on ‘essential shades’. As you’ve seen above we get a white shimmer shadow that can double as a highlighter (inner corner, brow bone, etc.) as well as the usual warm shades that typically go on the crease. I like the inclusion of the plum, emerald and black shadows to really take looks from day to night.

Makeup Looks

I wanted to create five looks but when it came time to using this palette I wasn’t feeling as inspired so I only did four. I don’t know, I was on a makeup rut, but I am hoping my next looks are better when I go back to using this palette.

Look #1: Romantic Rose

Shades Used: Dusty Rose, Sand, Pink, Cream
Lips: Jordana Cosmetics Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color in Rose Macaron

I can’t help but fall in love with this eye and lip combo! It’s so gorgeous. I am usually not much of a fan of pink shades but these were so gorgeous and beautiful. And this look is just so flirty and romantic!


I have actually recreated this look several times because I love it and it’s easy. I just end up changing the lip.

* * *

Look #2: Peach Princess

Shades Used: Terra Cotta, Sand, Gold
Lips: Wet n Wild Velvet Matte Lip Color in Turnt Orange

As you all know, I live for peachy-orange shades so I had to create a look with those. This is probably one of my favorite looks out of all of them, even though it’s pretty simple.


* * *

Look #3: Gothic Mermaid

Shades Used: Black, Cinnamon, Terra Cotta, Emerald, Cream

I was thinking how the shade Emerald reminded me so much of the Mermaid Boy shade in Kathleen Light’s Dream St. palette but slightly lighter? I don’t know. Couldn’t help but make another “mermaid look“.


* * *

Look #4: Plum Sunset

Shades Used: Cinnamon, Sand, Plum Berry, Pink

I feel like this is a slightly darker look of Romantic Rose with the pink and plum shades all over the eyelid. The shade is really pretty on its own and it also blends so well into the orange ones on the crease.


What did you think of this palette and the color story?
Do you feel like this palette has the ‘essential’ shades??


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17 thoughts on “Violet Voss Essentials Palette Review & Swatches + 4 Looks

  1. Eeek happy Blogiversary beautiful ❤️😍 thank goodness you joined the blogosphere! I am beyond thankful to have met you and to have you as a friend! ❤️

    This palette has such a lovely range of colours, I love the cream shade I bet it would make an amazing highlighter 😍😍 woweee!!

    And excuse me Rossy?!?!? COULD YOU BE ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL! That first look omg you look incredible 😭😍

    I literally am obsessed the peach princess look is so stunning and the gothic mermaid?!?!??! Iii??? What! So gorgeous!!!

    Rossy your makeup skills never fail to wow me! Thanks for sharing 😍


  2. All of your looks are so pretty, especially the peach one! I need to recreate it. I can totally relate to being in a makeup rut, but four looks is still really good for not feeling creative! They’re all different & distinct from one another.
    I think when I reviewed this palette I called a look “Autumn Mermaid”, so clearly the green shade has mermaid vibes if you had a mermaid look too! Great minds think alike haha
    I love what you did with the smokier black shade and the green.

    Also happy 5 years of blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! the peach look is another fave from this palette right after the pink one 🙂 i really loved those shades 🙂
      and my goal when I used this palette was to use all the shades at least once and I succeeded so I’d say mission accomplished LOL
      Did you really?? I love that 😀 well if it reminded me of the Mermaid Boy, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to make some sort or ‘mermaid’ look too 😉

      thank you!!! 🙂 ❤ hope you're well xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Holy moly, Im late to the party but congrats on 5 years!!! Please never quit or give up, seeing you grow and progress over the years I’ve been following you makes me so proud and happy for you! You’ve been a big part of my blogging career and one of the most supportive bloggers out there<3 I love your romantic rose look, its so simple yet so soft, charming, and pretty. The lip color pulls it all together so nicely too. I think pink looks great but the peach princess with the orange has me with heart eyes!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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