Limited Edition Melisa Michelle x Ulta Makeup Palette Review + Swatches

Hey dolls!

I normally don’t do a review of a product within months of me purchasing it, but I felt like I had to make an exception with this makeup palette because it’s limited edition and as of this morning, it’s still available on the Ulta website.


Product Description from Ulta:

Ulta is so excited to announce our collaboration with one of YouTube’s hottest beauty vloggers, Melisa Michelle. Melisa curated a makeup palette that contains an assortment of shades specifically selected with every skintone in mind. Each of the shade names in the palette hold special meaning to Melisa and the palette contains a personal message for the guest on the back cover. The palette contains beautiful, rich and creamy powders and a matte liquid lipstick with staying power. Every detail of this palette was a partnership between Melisa and the brand.

Learn more about the Melisa Michelle Makeup Palette!


  • Highlighter Trio: 0.14 oz
  • Blush: 0.09 oz
  • Eyeshadows: 0.07 oz each (0.63 oz total)
  • Liquid Lipstick: 0.1 oz

Price: $20!

If you follow me on IG, you probably already know that I’ve been loving this palette! In fact, I used it a few times throughout my 30 Days of Makeup Challenge (i.e. Day 8, Day 10 and Day 30). I also did a quickie IG tutorial and I plan on doing more this season *fingers crossed*.


Ok, I loooove the packaging, I think it’s gorgeous. I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I love the gradient in the packaging, I think it looks pretty stunning. It has rose gold lettering embedded on the front of the palette. In the back is a message from Melisa Michelle, a quick summary of what’s included in the makeup palette as well as their ingredients.


When you open this palette, it has a pretty big mirror which I think is the perfect size! Ulta’s palettes don’t have mirrors, so I’m glad she thought that through. It also says “Can’t wait to see your looks!” and has the hashtag #MelisaMichelleXulta so you can tag her. (She will see your photos and will even comment on them, that was on my summer favorites–she liked & commented on my photos! She’s so sweet!)


I was blown away by the quality and formula of these powders! I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft and blendable they were! These shades are truly pigmented. I also thought it was very thoughtful of Melisa to have every skin tone in mind while she was making this palette, because they’re so flattering on everyone!

Palette Breakdown


So what’s in this palette. . . ?

Highlighter Trio in Hollerrr:

This highlighter trio has a peachy pink shade, a champagne, and a soft gold shade, and they’re all pearl highlighters. Alone they’re pretty, but they don’t pack a punch on their own. As Melisa says “When swirled, magic happens!”, and indeed, magic happens! It looks gorgeous and it has decent pigment which is perfect for everyday wear. It’s buildable if you want something a little more intense.

Blush in Mahal:

This is a matte rosy nude blush and is perfect for every look you make with this palette. Not only that, but it’s also a flattering shade for lots of skin tones. It looks very natural and it gives the perfect wash of color to the cheeks!


4 Metallic Eyeshadows:

Teresita is a warm metallic gold. It looks chunky on the pan but it’s surprisingly smooth. Honestly, I can’t describe how good this metallic shade is! Not chunky AT ALL and this one is the most pigmented out of all four metallic shades!

Kades is a metallic copper. It does have an orange undertone and I feel like when used with the matte shade Bing Bing, it can sort of blend together. A lot of nice warm looks can be created with this one.

Alana is a metallic plum, but compared to Teresita and Kades, it’s not as metallic. In fact it looks like a regular dark shade with little to no shimmer. This shade is the darkest in this palette, and it’s perfect to make a day to night look and/or smokey eye. (NOTE: You need to use a dense blending/crease brush because a fluffy brush won’t pick up the pigment and/or distribute it evenly.)

Lola is a metallic vanilla shade. I don’t think this one packs a punch like Teresita and Kades when swatched, it looks like a weak shimmery shade. HOWEVER, this shade is PERFECTTTT for inner corner or brow bone highlight! This one is one of the most deceptive shades in the palette because it looks “meh” when swatched but it’s gorgeous when worn! I almost want to use it as an all-over highlighter!


5 Matte Eyeshadows:

Bing Bing is a burnt orange. I’ve used this shade a lot because I love how it warms up the crease. It is really pigmented and it’s a nice shade to use during the fall.

Harley is a chocolate shade. I feel as though this one lacks a little bit of pigment when swatched, but it performs much better when worn. I’ve used this one to slightly smoke out some looks. This shade is great if you want more dimension in your crease.

Weezy is a light peachy shade. I did notice that this shade has more kick-back than the others. I attribute that to the fact that it’s a creamier formula. I really love the formula and I appreciate that she added this shade as it can be used to set the eyeshadow primer/base.

Rosemary is a medium warm beige. This one is a great shade to warm up the crease and it can also be used as a transition shade. I use this shade a lot when I use this palette. I really like how light it is but it is pigmented if you use a lot more product.

Tobo is a taupe shade. This is another creamy shade that also has some kick-back. It’s a good shade for warming up the crease as well as a transition shade like Rosemary. What I also like about this shade is that I can use it to set my eyeshadow primer/base.

Matte Liquid Lipstick in Scandy:


This liquid lipstick is a pink toned nude and comes with a standard doe foot wand. The packaging is sleek and chic and I love that it’s rose gold!

I looove the shade but the formula unfortunately isn’t the best. Once the lipstick dries the formula starts feeling a little sticky. Melisa is aware of this and she has mentioned it in a video–by the time she realized it was too late to change it, so she left it as is. At least she came clean about it, I value honesty and that girl gave it to us straight.


Aside from the stickiness, I think this shade is gorgeous and it does last a decent amount of time. With every lipstick there is some transfer. However, if you plan on eating something greasy, it will most likely come off.




It’s an ENTIRE makeup palette (i.e. eyeshadows, blush, highlighter, liquid lipstick)
Eyeshadow quality is creamy
Eyeshadows blend easily
Everything is VERY pigmented
Has a good balance of metallics & mattes (eyeshadows)
A good amount of transition shades
Perfect for everyday/natural and going-out
Made with every skin tone in mind
Small-time Youtuber gets some recognition/$$
It’s a steal, and only costs $20!
It’s a warm palette* (if you like warm palettes)


It’s a warm palette* (if you don’t like warm palettes)
Some eyeshadows have a little kick-back
You have to be gentle when you dip your brush (kick-back)
Liquid lipstick is a little sticky — she mentions this in her vids so she’s aware!
Limited Edition Palette!


Overall I love this palette and I think it’s really good! It caters to every skin tone and I think the shades are gorgeous for this season, as well as all-year round! I also love the fact that the metallic and matte shades are well balanced, and there’s plenty of transition shades.

If you think you might like or want to try this palette, get it before it’s gone!
It is* limited edition and honestly you can’t beat that price of $20!

That being said, what did you think about this palette?
Would you purchase or pass??


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P.S. If you’re interested in seeing some makeup looks using this palette, follow me on Instagram because I will be posting some looks in the upcoming weeks! 🙂

Disclosure: this review is a personal opinion and is honest. I do not receive compensation for my reviews. Product(s) was/were purchased by me, unless noted otherwise.

13 thoughts on “Limited Edition Melisa Michelle x Ulta Makeup Palette Review + Swatches

    1. Isn’t it?! I freaking love this palette! I’ve been thinking about sharing some looks I’ve done with it on IG, maybe I can get those up and running lol.
      And definitely do that! Go in-store and swatch it yourself, it’s a gorgeous palette and like I said in my post, very affordable!


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