Orange Obsession — My Orange Lipstick Collection

Hii dolls!

This week is flying by for me. I’ve been busy busy and I am just realizing that I NEVER told you guys that I reached a milestone early this month… It was my BLOGIVERSARY! I have been blogging for FOUR years! Holy shitt!! That’s it you guys! This is my longest running hobby in my entire life xD

Today I want to share with you my orange lipstick collection because as you all know, I have been obsesseeeeed with orange lippies for a while now. Since around October last year to be exact. It’s a small collection mind you, I have about seven but I honestly would love to have a few more, so I’ve been looking around to see what other brands might have.

I do talk about these on my new video and I do show them on my lips:

I will be sharing the lipsticks in the same order as I did in my video, and I will try to include things that I might have missed. Let’s gooo!!

Wet n Wild
Velvet Matte Lip Color in Turnt Orange

Price: $3.49 USD / / Size: 0.13oz
Cruelty-free? No, they sell in China

This lippie is probably the lightest out of them all. It’s not as pigmented in one swipe, but you can build it up and it still looks nice and subtle. Great for everyday makeup looks in the summer. The unfortunate thing about these crayons is that they’re very likely to break apart inside, which this one did. These are not WnW’s best lippies, but they’re pretty good for a drugstore lip crayon.


e.l.f. Cosmetics
Moisturizing Lipstick in Orange Dream

Price: $3.00 – $4.00 USD / / Size: 0.11oz
Cruelty-free? YES! Also has some Vegan products!

This lipstick is much more bolder and pigmented than the previous one and it’s around the same price. At Ulta you can find them for $3 but the price may vary depending on the store. This lipstick feels so damn moisturizing, it applies smoothly and feels nice and light on the lips. It will transfer because it’s creamy but the quality of this lipstick is too good to pass up. I love that e.l.f. has been stepping up their game. I remember when I used to use their makeup when I was younger and it’s not nearly as good as this, even though it’s always been good for its price.

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NYX Cosmetics
Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco

Price: $6.50 USD (?) – Currently: $4.55 on Ulta / / Size: oz
Cruelty-free? YES! Also has some Vegan products.

I feel like this one is a toned-down version of the e.l.f. lipstick, but it’s still a gorgeous shade. I do have to apply a few coats to get it to look opaque, because one swipe can look a bit sheer, depending on the shade. This one does dry down to a matte finish but it’s comfortable, and not at all bothersome.

These SMLC’s are some of my absolutely favorite of ANY lipsticks, they will ALWAYS be in my Top 5 or 10! 🙂 They’re that good! I think one thing that NYX has going for them is their lipsticks. These were my introduction to the brand and they were amazing then and now!


Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Velour Liquid Lipstick in Flamethrower

Price: $18.00 USD / / Size: 0.19oz
Cruelty-free? Yes! And Vegan!

I got this in my Mystery Box and I was stoked to have gotten it, specially because it was orange. Anyway, this lipstick is so fucking good, and vibrant and lovely! I know not many of you like Jeffree but I cannot deny the fact that his makeup is so damn good! The formula is amazing! It dried down kind of quick, it has little to no transfer (unless you eat oily foods), and the longevity is amazing as well.

One swipe will do the job, I think it’s so awesome. The applicator is pretty nice too, it’s curved so it kind of hugs your lips and I find it easy to apply the lipstick onto my lips. You will need a good makeup remover to take this lipstick off, be warned.

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ColourPop Cosmetics
Ultra Matte Lip in What’s the Stitch

Price: $7.00 USD – Was: $6.50 / / Size: 0.11oz
Cruelty-free? Yes!

This lipstick is bold, beautiful, and pigmented. It did take a bit longer to dry down compared to the JSC one but it still feels comfortable, even though I can feel it on my lips. (It’s nothing bothersome, in my opinion). It doesn’t dry out my lips which is always a plus for these matte lippies. ColourPop is known for their lippies and their pressed powder pigments/palettes, I am super happy that they’ve kept their prices relatively low because people like me who want high quality makeup can afford it. (Though this lippie got its priced raise by 50 cents!)

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Dose of Colors
Liquid Matte Lipstick in Coral Crush

Price: $18.00 USD / / Size: 0.16oz
Cruelty-free? Yes! Also has some Vegan products (or all?)

I received this in my May Boxycharm, and I loved it since the first time I tried it! Super comfortable, lightweight, dries down fairly quickly. The only thing about this lippie is that it’s not completely orange, it pulls more pink (coral) but it’s still a gorgeous shade to wear during the summer. I do love that it has a neon vibe to it, so more reason to use it this season. The applicator is the same as the JSC one, it hugs the curves of the lips and in my opinion, easy application. You do get amazing color payoff in one swipe.

I do think that this one is a bit closer to the NYX one, even though this pulls more pink, but I like that they’re in the same family more or less, so unless you swatch them side by side, you won’t see those strong pink undertones.

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Lime Crime
Matte Velvetine Lipstick in Pumpkin

Price: $20.00 USD / / Size: 0.088oz
Cruelty-free? Yes, but there has been lots of controversy around this brand, so be warned.

This lippie is the darkest out of them all, but I still wanted to include this one in this list because when I was searching for “orange toned” lipsticks, I got this one in the results. When I first applied it I was a bit disappointed because it wasn’t the bright orange I was looking for, but still an amazing addition to my collection because even though it’s not a true orange (more of a brick toned shade), it has some brown undertones which would be absolutely gorgeous for Autumn. AND, it would still give me those warm undertones if I want them next season.

Anyway, this lipstick dried down pretty fast, it’s comfortable, lightweight, and it doesn’t feel like the kind of lipstick that would transfer. I actually swipe my fingers over my lips and NOTHING came off. Not even when I was drinking water did I see some transfer. It wasn’t until after I ate that I noticed it started to fade from the inside of my lips, but it didn’t require re-application. Also, let it be known that as good as this lipstick is, it has less product than others around the same price range.


So that’s it you guys! My small orange lipstick collection.
I’d love to know what you guys think of these or the color orange.
Would you rock it or pass?

Thanks for stopping by! Have an amazing rest of your week!


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40 thoughts on “Orange Obsession — My Orange Lipstick Collection

    1. Thank you! And perhaps you havent found the best shade for your skin tone. Simply google best orange lipsticks for your own skin tone and you should get a few suggestions. 🤗
      I agree! I’ve been slowly getting a few more of the SMLC’s but so far the ones I’ve gotten were a bit light for me so I have to try and get darker shades lol


  1. These lippies looks beautiful! I don’t have any oranges in my collection currently, but I love the idea of bright orange lips! Totally not sure which tones would suit my pale skin though. I’m totally with you on the NYX lippies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a nice shade for the summer! And you should look up orange lipsticks best suited for your skin tone on google and you should get a few articles that have suggestions. If I remember correctly, fair skin tones usually need to go for the orange reds.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I ended up looking it up after replying to your initial comment and it’s a GORGEOUS shade! I cant believe I hadnt seen it before. Omg do you have JSC’s I’m Royalty too then?? I got Flamethrower (orange) and I’m Royalty (purple) in my mystery box last Thanksgiving! That’s why I have these lol

          Liked by 1 person

          1. No I have I’m Royalty on my wish list but I do have Virginity and Blow Pony! I would love Flamethrower but I have Coral Fixation now and I adore it!!! Also the colour -818 is called pink on the website but it’s quite orangey and lovely!

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the colour orange. I have ginger hair, and I think orange (and pink) clothes look just plain wrong on me – the same goes for lipsticks and eyeshadows in these colours. But that’s just me.

    I think orange and coral lippies (and eyelooks too) are so for you! They suit you very well, and I love the contrast between the vibrant orange shades and your dark hair and your beautiful brown eyes.

    And of all your orangey lippies, I love Coral Dream and Coral Crush the most!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah well that makes sense! At least you know what colors to stay away from.
      But thank you!! I’m actually shocked that a lot of these do look ok on me, because I thought they would look crazy lol. Maybe that most of them are red based, idk. Orange Dream and Coral Crush are some of my faves too! 🤗


  3. I love an orange lipstick but I think I only have one?!? Which is a L’Oreal one from their Balmain collection, ooh and I have one from Max Factor too! I do like an orange lipstick, and you rock the shade so much.

    I had no idea JSC was CF, this makes me so happy as I’ve been wanting to try his products for a while now, especially his lip products so your review makes me very happy. I’m definitely going to have to purchase a few lipsticks from his collection just asap now! The thing is he has so many exciting shades to choose from I don’t know how I’m supposed to not buy them all 😭😭😭 how can I narrow it down haha?!?

    Anyway, judging by the swatches the E.L.F, JSC and CP look and sound like the best oranges in your collection. I’ll definitely have to try some of E.L.F’s lipstick collection soon!

    Thanks for sharing Rossy, have a great week 🧡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alright, so two then? 😁 I would looove to see you rock an orange lip too,.I bet it would look gorgeous on you!! You seriously seem to pull off everything as well!
      Yeah his brand is CF and vegan! His lipsticks are definitely one of a kind in my opinion because they’re also eye safe! Maybe not all, but as far as I know, most of them are. And i agree!! So many different shades to pick from even i want to buy a lot of them! Lol one i got my eye on is called Karma, it’s like a khaki green and it’s just so gorgeous and unique! Whenever Jeffree and Shane Dawson release their collection together I’ll have to get a few more things oh well, sorry wallet! 🤷‍♀️
      Yes! I would definitely steer you towards those you mentioned, mainly because I think elf & CP make such high quality AND affordable** products! Keep in mind elf can be hit or miss.
      Thanks for stopping by loveeee!! 😁😁🧡


  4. I love that you shared your orange lipstick collection! I actually remember when you started blogging about orange lipstick last October! XD Oh and happy blogiversary, 4 years girl, wow!! That’s awesome! I love that it’s your longest-running hobby too. Thanks for running this blog and sharing all your posts, I love them!
    Also, love love love the packaging on that Dose of Colors lipstick. It’s so freaking nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha omg I cannot believe you remember! And thank you lovee! I’m honestly so surprised at myself that I’ve been at this for so long LOL
      The Dose lippie is gorgeous!! Probably my fave in terms of packaging for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I know I already said it but, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY. Hope to see you posting & continuing this hobby for many more years to come! ♡

    I think 7 is a great collection-size but there is always room for more & a never-ending amount of shades to choose from, isn’t there?!

    I keep hearing the best things about ELF. I have never tried anything by them before though, maybe I’ll pick up one of their lipsticks now that I know they’re nice & hydrating. 🙂 I would absolutely love to try the JSC, DOC, and Lime Crime ones, too. They sound amazing!!

    Every shade you have is gorg but for me, I’d be nervous to rock them all except Pumpkin by Lime Crime!!


    1. Thank you so much! I would love to do another color collection likes this, but the only ones I have are reds, pinks, neutrals, etc. I don’t know if people would be bored by that since not all shades suit all skin tones and I don’t feel like they’re unique anyway, maybe if I ever get crazier colors, I will do a mini color collection with those 🙂


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