Pre-Quarantine HAUL — Clothing Try-On + Beauty Products & Miscellaneous

Hello dolls!

I meant to do a video for all of this stuff when I came back from my Vegas trip mid-March (which I have yet to finish wrapping up) but because life changed so drastically days after we got back, I didn’t feel up for it. And the longer I put it off, the weirder it felt to do a video on things I had gotten in February??

So instead of a video, I will be doing a try-on, post style? I don’t know if anyone has ever done it this way, but I’m willing to try and please be sure to let me know what you think of this style of post, kay?

Let’s do clothing first, I’m sorry if these pictures suck. I have to do this on my own and it’s hard and my phone camera sucks lol.

Clothing Try-On

Ross – Dress for Less

One of the first things I bought was this taupe trench coat, I wanted something new to wear because some of my other coats are a bit too bulky and heavy whereas this one was lightweight, perfect for the transitioning weather.


I love the color of it because I don’t have many clothes in this color. It’s plush-lined on the inside which is nice. It may look a bit long on me but I love it regardless. I did wear it on a night-out to the Winter Light Festival back in February, so you will be able to see it in action in a photo or two in that post.

* * *

Next are the pair of jeans I’m wearing on the photo above.


My jeans are starting to fit me slightly too big and some are a bit long in the legs because I’m short. So now I try to be more careful and only buy jeans that are just right for my height. That is a challenge in and of itself, believe me..

* * *

Next a pair of grey joggers. I have previously tried several pairs in the past whenever I found them on the racks, but I never liked how they fit me? Perhaps I wasn’t into them yet because I changed my mind when I tried this specific pair on.


I don’t know if it’s the color, the fit, the material it is made of, or what, but it feels super comfortable and I’ve been lounging around in them a lot during this quarantine. I did wear them on the first day of my Vegas trip in March if you’d like to see me wearing them.

* * *

One other thing I got was a black bra that can be worn four different ways? But I won’t show you that lol. Last thing from Ross is this super cool pair of galaxy print leggings. You guys know me, I love anything galaxy, so I couldn’t pass these up.


The material is so comfortable, they fit me nicely and the fabric is very stretchy and breathable. I did also take these to Vegas for our second day to Death Valley if you’d like to check that out and also* see them in action lol. I was surprised that I could wear them despite such hot and dry climate.

* * *

Hot Topic

Ahh yes, Hot Topic. We love browsing this store. It’s one of my favorite stores even though I cannot afford half of the clothes they sell there, lol. So whenever they have a few things on sale, I look through their rack and see if there is anything that catches my eye. First up is a sweater you guys have already seen before:


It’s a Pusheen Fuzzy Girls Hoodie, and it is nice and warm. It’s basically a crop sweater and I love it. It’s a bit too warm to wear it now that the weather is changing, but I know I will be wearing the hell out of this sweater in the fall and colder months.

Lastly from HT, a constellation print hoodie! I did* take this sweater to Vegas as well, but I haven’t written up that post yet. Be sure to follow my life blog so you don’t miss it.


Anyway, this sweater is slightly more breathable than the Pusheen hoodie, and it’s not a crop sweater either, nor does it fit me baggy, but that’s ok. It’s a nice sweater and I like that it’s different than other sweaters I own. I’m all about changing it up these days.

* * *


My husband and I bought new clothes for our anniversary in February, and I managed to find a gorgeous blue dress from Sundae Emerald. I found this one in the prom dress section. I felt so lucky to find a dress that closely matched my hubby’s button-up.


I LOVE how this dress fits me you guys!! I’ve never felt sexier in a dress than I do in this one, lol! It’s asymmetrical on the front and has a lace back which normally I’m not a fan of, but it’s tolerable in this dress. Also, yes, I did* take this dress to Vegas too for our Girls Night Out with my loves Hunida, Jennie, and Jennie’s bff, Emily.

* * *

Trend Shoes

Lastly for the fashion related part of this post, a new pair of black heeled booties from Trend Shoes.


I paired these booties with my new blue dress from Macy’s for our girls night out because I knew we would be walking around a lot. I didn’t have other more comfortable shoes and I wasn’t sure I wanted to wear flats? Anyway, I love heeled booties. I have three other pairs in different styles and colors.

And…that is it for this part of the post. Let’s continue onto other purchases.



I did get a few things from Amazon for our anniversary back in February.

First up, a couple’s journal. This one is the One Question A Day for You and Me: A Three-Year Journal. We started writing in it Feb. 22nd and have filled it out every night together. It’s been nice and interesting seeing each other’s answers. I feel like I’m getting to know my husband better even though we’ve been together for almost 10 years.


Next are the Infmetry Capsules. They have a small piece of paper inside in which you can write secret messages. I wrote in every single one of them, so Alex can open one whenever he wants and each one has a different message. It took forever to write and put it all back in, in time for our anniversary, but I got it done and he loved it.


* * *

Dollar Store / IKEA

From the dollar store I got some extra acrylic organizers for my makeup that sits on the top of the vanity but also for what goes inside the drawers.


I did get some new things from IKEA for* my vanity. A new LACK wall shelf and an ALEX drawer unit. I know EVERYONE gets these, but I’m okay with that and I like how my vanity looks. I’ll take a photo some other time because my vanity is still a mess, lol!



I only got two things from Target; Burt’s Bees Micellar Water because I am running low on the one I’m currently using, and Real Techniques beauty sponges because I did* just toss two of them out.


ColourPop Cosmetics

As most of you already know, I did* get a few products from the Sailor Moon Collection back in February when it launched.


I’ve  practically used every single product in this collection, and have done reviews of everything except the palette. I want to work on that a bit longer and really give you guys quality content. In the meantime, go check out what I’ve written so far.


  1. LOOKBOOK: 5 Looks Using the Pretty Guardian Palette
  2. Cat’s Eye Pressed Powder Blush Review & Swatch
  3. Daylight Lip Bundle Review & Swatches

* * *


Not sure if I can categorize this under ‘beauty’ but I’m using them for makeup?? I made two separate orders of a bunch of makeup swatch stencils from SwatchQueenShop and I’ve been having so much fun with them!

Note: it’s really hard getting a good photo of the stencil designs.


My swatch photos definitely look prettier so of course it is only for aesthetic purposes. You guys know I will give you a full and honest review of palettes and the like; swatches are just swatches and do not represent or portray the full potential of the product until it is worn. I do plan on giving you guys my review of these stencils once I’ve used enough of them.

* * *


Lastly in the beauty category, Boxycharm. I resubscribed at the end of March to get a palette I’ve been wanting since January (one of two, really). The box itself was really nice and I am excited to use all the products eventually.


READ: Unboxing My March 2020 Boxycharm

The palette I resubscribed for is the Ace Beaute Scarlet Dusk. Just look at it: isn’t it gorgeous? Super beautiful! I’ve tried their Grandiose Palette and absolutely loved the formula so I have the same hopes for this one as well 🙂


I already unboxed my April box, so be sure to check out that post too if you missed it.

That is all the stuff I have for now. Keep in mind, everything was bought prior to this stay-home order / quarantine lockdown, with the exception of Boxycharm, which doesn’t require me to leave my house. I recently received my Ulta online order and already took some pictures of everything so I just need some time to go through all the photos and get that post written up for you.

For now, I hope you are all doing great. Staying at home has been hard on each and everyone of us so if anyone needs to talk, I’m here for you all. 🙂

Have you guys ordered anything online recently? If so, what?


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40 thoughts on “Pre-Quarantine HAUL — Clothing Try-On + Beauty Products & Miscellaneous

    1. hot topic might still have it for all you know, i think i saw it online as well 🙂 if not i’m sure they will have more space related clothing in the future, it’s not the first time i see stuff like that in there

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Love the trench coat, Pusheen hoodie and galaxy leggings! You look absolutely beautiful in that blue dress 💙 those boots are super cute too!

    Those stencils from Etsy look fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All such cute outfits!! I love those galaxy leggings especially!! I really need to revamp on my leggings. And that journal is just the sweetest thing. What a great idea ❤ So smart to get the acrylic organizers too- I need to get some of those and good to know Dollar Store has them.Thanks for sharing, Rossy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much 😀 i love my galaxy print leggings, it was about time i found a pair i liked haha
      oh yes the acrylic organizers are so great for putting things away, and i believe Ross sells them too but they may not be the square ones or the drawer looking ones (which I got), i will eventually take a picture of my vanity so everyone can see which i got

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The grey joggers look so comfy and I love the constellation hoodie! I have some black booties that are similar to yours and I love them! That dress looks stunning on you too; I always mentally associate that color with you because it complements you so well!

    I’ve never seen or heard of the Infmetry Capsules but they are adorable! Happy [very belated] anniversary to you both! I’ll have to look into doing the 3-Year Journal because I’m always putting Stephen on the spot to tell me something exciting or new about him, haha. I love how it’s strengthening your relationship. Thanks for sharing all these products in your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you, literally everything is so comfy i love it 😀 i’m living in my grey joggers still, it just started raining again so it’s been a bit cold lol
      awh thank you!!! never in a million years did i imagine that the color blue would ever be associated with me OR be a color that others thought looked good on me, i always thought i was trying too hard to pull it off haha
      and thanks so much for the belated anniversary wishes 🙂 ❤ it was such a fun time and sadly one of our last outings together just him and i so it's a bit sad to think about how we can't have those kinds of dates anymore 😦
      you must look into the 3-year journal for couples, not every question is deep but that's what i love about! some of them are so simple that we know each other's answers and others we don't see coming 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh no, I think the blue color goes well with you! I always lean towards blue clothing, especially since that’s my favorite color, and it was the majority of my wardrobe until I had to branch out a bit, haha.

        I’m sure the next outing will be even more special and cherished once you both get to have one again! This time really has shifted my perspective on so many things. I will definitely find the journal and give it a try, thank you! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. LOL Niceeee!!! I don’t recall ever seeing you wear blue though? Or perhaps I’m not remembering very well.
          That’s true. I think we will be more careful when we do go out again, I think I will still be washing my hands obsessively and wearing a mask in crowded places (if it ever gets to that point) but I will not take for granted going out again LOL

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I haven’t posted a lot of myself on here, but I don’t think I have taken pictures of myself in blue, so you may be right! Haha.

            I do like the thought of places that are open to be taking extra health and safety measures. I hope they’ll keep it up even after the virus clears up. I definitely won’t take going out for granted either! What a time to be alive.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. fashion post! fashion post! 😀
            (wanted to make it like “fashion show! fashion show at lunch!” from the office xD)

            have you seen the news of people celebrating memorial day out in beaches and they’re all crowded and what not? I saw a lot of people out and about today too like it was no big deal. its very annoying when not everyone takes it as serious…

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Haha, I don’t have that much of a fashion sense but I’m trying to update my wardrobe, so maybe I’ll do one after seeing your fashion posts!

            Also, YES. Like, what are you thinking!? We’re all suffering because of inconsiderate people like that. I have seen people from my social media profile going to beaches but there doesn’t seem to be people around, but I really don’t know how crowded they actually are.

            I could see *maybe* going to a small beach with less people, but definitely not popular places. I wouldn’t consider going to the beach right now. Ugh, so much to say about things going on.

            Liked by 1 person

          4. I do have an ootd post coming up but not till later lol it’s very basic I am hoping I can start doing more though.
            I havent really gone out much and we have already reopened a lot of businesses and a few parks.

            Liked by 1 person

          5. Ah, I have been putting blogging aside and I’ve missed it, also due to the movement as well. I’ll have to get back on soon because I have a few book reviews to share too! I’ll keep an eye out for a new OOTD post, unless you already have published it.

            I have seen a few businesses reopen. I went to an Olive Garden in my hometown since it’s smaller and we were 1 of 3 tables in this large room, so that was a little comforting. I’m afraid to see how the virus will spike over the next few weeks because of the reopening of the economy and now protesting.

            Liked by 1 person

          6. Ah no worries 🙂 I’ll still behind but hopefully I can catch up this weekend, and yours too 🙂
            yes, I just published it this morning. It’s not a super high quality OOTD xD just letting know

            well that sounds nice! i still haven’t felt like I’d want to go out to eat, we get take out instead. I am just going to wait and see LOL since everything is reopening people are just taking advantage and going out like nothing happened so that makes me a little weary


  4. Love love love this post! Such an amazing haul! The HT sweater is sio cute and I love that constellations hoodie! Also yes yes yes to the galaxy leggings, they are perfect for you! And I love the joggers 😍😍😍

    You look incredible in that blue dress doll! It really was made for you 😍 You also looked absolutely stunning on our girls night out, I was blown away!

    Love the heeled boots- you can’t beat them! They’re still dressy with the heel etc, go well with so many outfits and are more comfortable than a stiletto kind of heel. I used to wear heeled boots all the time back in the day but now I don’t own a pair other than my Burberry’s, which I haven’t worn in SO long now!!! I need some more casual dressy ones, whereas I feel the Burbs are more smart casual or smart dressy if that makes sense!

    I am LOVING the amazon order omg!!! That book sounds amazing- I want to try that when I have a boyfriend hehe! So cool that you’re still learning about Alex even now, how exciting!! And the capsules are super sweet too, lucky Alex!!!

    So many amazing items in this haul Rossy, I really enjoyed this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the joggers and the leggings have been my go-to recently, it’s gotten cold again now that it’s raining so i’m also using the pusheen hoodie 😀
      awh thanks so much!!! really love that dress, i really would love to try a new color and experiment more with color 🙂 i have way too many blue dresses I noticed xD
      i love stilettos too but don’t wear them as often and i’m glad i don’t it gets tiring walking around in those, unless i know i’ll be wearing them for less than 2 hours and little to no walking i won’t wear them xD
      i think they also have a journal like that for singles or just for yourself to have? i dont rememeber i’ll have to check, if not from the same brand then there are others, i have seen some at som stores ni the mall lol
      thanks for always commenting such amazing comments 😀 i love reading them every single time 😀


  5. A wonderful and colourful collection. I too want lightweight winter wear at times, but often I do not find lightweight woollens except for sweaters.
    Have you posted any video for this as well?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, despite the winter being the coldest season, it’s not always so, and at times we get warmer weather. The weather here is weird lol.
      But no, I decided not to do a video for this because it was too much work and I wasn’t up for making videos.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. i only just got comfortable wearing printed leggings like three years ago? can’t believe it took me that long haha
      i’m in love with the pusheen hoodie and i’ve been wearing it a lot lately 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Lol I have done a try on, post style before. Like two years ago, with clothes I bought from Rainbow. 🙂 It was hard & I started sweating when I was taking all the pictures so I never did it again… plus, I rarely ever go shopping for clothes anymore. 😝

    The trench coat doesn’t look too long on you at all, it’s the perfect length & I love the plush-lined inside. For jeans, have you ever shopped at Aeropostale? They have all sizes in regular, short, & long. I wonder it’d be easier to find ones that fit you well lengthwise there. Joggers are my favorite to wear lol sooo comfy! & oh my gosh! I totally thought the fuzzy sweater was just another basic one– I didn’t know Pusheen was on the hood! How adorable!

    That blue dress really does fit you amazingly. You absolutely looked super sexy in it!!! I am so lucky to have seen you wear it in person. 😍

    The couple’s journal is so romantic! I had one that gave me a question day but I’ve actually never seen one you can answer with a partner. What kinds of questions do they ask? & wow, you really went all out with those pills! How fun that he can open them whenever he wants. 🙂

    Lol I have never heard of any of the shelves you mentioned everyone buying from IKEA. I guess organization is just not my thing even though it should be. My makeup is a mess haha. I personally don’t love stenciled swatches for some reason but I totally noticed that you’ve been using them in your posts lately. The cat one *was* super cute!! & have you still been subbed to Boxy? Or did you cancel?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh my gosh i remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol well to be fair the weather over there is much warmer than here xD

      you know my neighbor told me to buy clothes there and at another store but i forgot which one, but yeah i might stop by there and see if i can find some jeans to fit me perfectly because i’m tired of long long jeans haha

      pusheen on the hoodie totally sold me on it, not gonna lie, at first i was like “i remember telling hunida i could never buy something like this” and when i looked closely at it and saw the hood i went “omg how cutee! i must have it!” and because it was two for one sale i said fuck it haha

      oh my gossshhhh staapphhh!! LOL you’re making me blush XD ❤ ❤ xx ily!

      the couple's journal is so cute lol and it has some basic questions like:

      "what do you usually have for breakfast"?
      "what is the last thing you want to do tonight?"
      "what do you only share with your partner?"

      things like that, some are a bit "deep" others not so much so it's a great balance in my opinion because its a little bit of everything and in my opinion, some questions do strengthen the relationship. i believe a few questions had to do with what you like about your partner or what about their personality do you like or something, i cant remember very well because we've been filling it out for months now haha i think tonight's is what would be your perfect pet? lol.

      the ALEX drawer units are really popular in the beauty community not gonna lie, so they're pretty basic hahaha
      as for the shelf, not many have it but it looks nice and it's cool for displaying makeup collections which i am. i cannot wait to clean up my room a bit more and wait for the sun to come out a it so i can take a good picture of my entire vanity LOL
      i like the stencils for the instagram posts, and it also looks like i'm trying haha but i decided to start doing both finger swatches as well as stencils if i feel like the palette deserves the attention of both methods you know? then again, swatching doesn't really represent how the shades wear so more often than not is just for looks 🙂

      i cancelled boxy last month after getting my box, i didn't like it as much and i just realized that because i didn't post this week i'm a bit delayed so i will most likely post my unboxing this week

      what about you? still cancelled or did you see something you liked?


      1. I do think you’ll find some jeans that fit nicely at Aeropostale! 🙂 lol yess, I remember you said that about the fuzzy hoodies but, Pusheen on there is TOO cute, I don’t blame you for snagging that. 😍

        Oh wow, what fun & creative questions! I totally see how answering them together every night could bring you closer. Soso sweet!!! ❤

        Ooo, will you be doing a blog post on your vanity once you’re able to get good photos?! 😁 I’d love to see it!!

        & yeah, all my sub boxes are cancelled indefinitely. 😭

        Liked by 1 person

        1. i’ll be sure to write that down on my phone for next time, i’ve never walked into aeropostale xD reminded me a lot of A&F which i hate, it smells awful in there LOL
          i found the couple’s journal at amazon btw, but apparently target has it too?? online only it seems.

          yes! i do want to do a post or at least show a picture of my vanity now but i’m such a procrastinator 😦 LOL

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Aeropostale doesn’t have any scent in their store & soooo many more cheaper yet more long-lasting options than A&F. I never liked that store either. 😛

            Boyfriend would probably roll his eyes at me for that couple’s journal but… I could try to buy it for a gift so he *has* to be grateful & do it with me hahahaa.

            It’s okay!! I can be patient. 🙂 It will be fun to see no matter when you post it!!

            Liked by 1 person

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