A Year of Ipsy + Thoughts On Ipsy

Happy Friday!! 🙂

I have no idea what we will be doing this weekend. I hope something fun because it feels like we have done absolutely nothing all month long. Anyway..

My first (and previous) Ipsy subscription streak was 5 months and ran from September 2015 – January 2016. When I re-subscribed to Ipsy last April I was super stoked to be receiving them again and I thought I could commemorate my first year/longest streak with Ipsy by taking a look back at ALL my Ipsy bags from the past year!


I’m thinking I also want to rate each month’s bag and the contents and give you my overall thoughts on this subscription at the end.

Here’s my rating system for the bags:

5/5: Absolutely loved it!
4/5: It was pretty good.
3/5: It was alright!
2/5: Not my favorite!
1/5: Did not like at all

My rating system for the products will be slightly different. Since each month I receive five (5) products, each product will be worth one point! Most of these products I’ve also had for a while so by now I’m able to tell you if I liked the products or not.

So let’s get started! I’ll do my best to keep each one brief.

April 2017 / / Side Show


One of my least favorite bags. I do like that the bag reflects the theme (Side Show).. But it’s not a bag that I would take anywhere with me.

Bag Rating: 1/5



I am currently using two of these products. Cccasionally I will use two more. I loved this bag and everything worked for me, but I’m giving it one less point because I’m not using EVERYTHING.

Product Rating: 4/5

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May 2017 / / Summer Friday


The purpose of the bag was to be able to take it poolside. However, the zipper in mine didn’t close all the way, so it’s kind of useless for that if my stuff will get wet. I wouldn’t take it anywhere else with me.

Bag Rating: 3/5



I used three of these products regularly, haven’t used the others in a while. Overall, I loved the products themselves. I wasn’t disappointed in their quality.

Product Rating: 4/5

Read: May 2017 Glam Bag Review

June 2017 / / Volume Up


The bag was alright. I like the color scheme, and I thought if I ever use it, it may be for lip products.

Bag Rating: 3/5



I’m currently using three of the products above. But because hair oils are hard to use up, I’ve put this one aside until I finish the one I’m using right now. So I will give it an extra point for that.

Product Rating: 4/5

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July 2017 / / Over Easy


Ok, so this bag is cute and it was nice to see a different Sanrio character other than Hello Kitty. The only thing I can think of to do with this bag is put my “lazy” products in there, like makeup removing wipes and/or micellar water for days when I’m feelin specially lazy lol.

Bag Rating: 3/5



I’ve used up two of these products already. I use the brush ALL the time and have been using the blush a lot more and like it more than I thought I would. The eyeshadow I haven’t touched in a while, so it’s one less point for that.

Product Rating: 4/5

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August 2017 / / Good Vibes Only


I looooved this bag! One of my favorites, I love the gradient on the bag because it resembles a sunset. I think this is a great summer bag and would definitely use it for my on-the-go products when the seasons change.

Bag Rating: 5/5



I’ve already used up the masks and the scrub, and I loved them! The blush is my go-to and the brush I use all the time. The highlighter was also something I used quite often.

Product Rating: 5/5

Read: August 2017 Glam Bag Review

September 2017 / / Like. A. Boss.


I love this bag so much! I’ve actually used it as a clutch with several outfits and still do.

Bag Rating: 5/5


I used up the masks, and have been only using two products from this bag. It’s not that I didn’t like them, I just don’t reach for them as often as I have other favorites. So I’ll be fair and give it a 3.

Product Rating: 3/5

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October 2017 / / Spellbound


The bag was nice. A little typical for the month of October, though I like the colors and the fact that it had lace on the exterior. The little bat was also a nice touch.

Bag Rating: 4/5



I gave two products away, the hair oil and the Meech and Mia loose powder. I had too many hair oils and I don’t use loose powders often. Still haven’t opened the mascara, and the lipstick was good but it didn’t wow me.

Product Rating: 1/5

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November 2017 / / All You


At first I thought I liked the bag, but in the end I wasn’t digging it as much as I thought I would. I even tried to pair it with a few outfits, and it didn’t work out.

Bag Rating: 2/5



Even though the bag was meh, I loooved the products! I use the brush frequently, the lotion I used as a hand cream, and the lipstick was my go-to for weeks! I used the blush a lot too but stopped using it since I’m doing my project pan. The loose powder I don’t reach for very often.

Product Rating: 4/5

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December 2017 / / Snow Globe


This was another typical month. It expresses a wintery/snowy vibe and I thought it was pretty gorgeous. It also has a nice hint of minty blue and it doesn’t stand out too much, so I could see myself using it as a clutch for a night out or something (though I’m a homebody and NEVER go out, lol).

Bag Rating: 4/5



I used up the masks and the scrub, obviously. I use the brush constantly but I don’t reach for the lipstick and the little eyeshadow palette even though they’re pretty good on their own.

Product Rating: 3/5

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January 2018 / / Game Face


Another bag I didn’t like. I had a feeling January’s bag would be something to do with fitness, because EVERYONE puts fitness in their resolutions, myself included. I don’t see myself using this bag unless I went to the gym but I’m having a hard time thinking what I would take to the gym? LOL

Bag Rating: 2/5



I gave away the eyeshadow because I have too many shades like that. The lipstick was the worst I’ve ever tried and the eyeliner wasn’t my favorite. I loved the charcoal mask and the Mary-Lou Manizer as a highlighter though.

Product Rating: 2/5

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February 2018 / / Unzipped


This bag was gorgeous in my opinion. Like my September bag, I also used it as a clutch several times. I think it’s very feminine.

Bag Rating: 5/5



I’ve used up the masks already, I use the brush often and the blush every once in a while. The lipstick is a nice shade and I loved the formula, but haven’t reached for it recently. The mini eyeshadow palette is gorgeous and have used it recently as well.

Bag Rating: 4/5

Read: February 2018 Glam Bag Review

March 2018 / / Create


Another bag I didn’t care for. The design was a little plain with repeating patterns. I would have loved an abstract pattern more than silhouettes of women.

Bag Rating: 2/5



I only loved two products from this bag. The others were okay, but not my favorite for one reason or another.

Product Rating: 2/5

Read: March 2018 Glam Bag Review

BONUS: April 2018 / / Social Butterfly


I loooved this bag so much! I am waiting to pair it with one of my outfits. I love that it expresses the spring season and the color scheme is beautiful and well though-out.

Bag Rating: 5/5



I will be giving away the NYX SMLC because I already have this shade (Ibiza). I have been using the brush and lotion and I love them. The other products I haven’t used enough to know if I love them or not, so I won’t rate any of these yet. But feel free to follow my blog if you haven’t for when I post my review next month.

Thoughts on Ipsy:

As you can see, a lot of bags can be a hit or miss. Some people love some while others don’t, so the bags are a matter of preference, taste, and style.

In terms of the products, I have been introduced to a plethora of brands. Thanks to Ipsy I have also tried many products from well-known brands for the first time. I like that most bags are often a variety of products ranging from skincare, haircare, and makeup.


While many samples are small  (skincare you’d naturally use up quickly), any eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters that you receive will last you a LONG time. Every month you get at least ONE FULL SIZE product, and you also get introduced to brands that you might not have heard of.

Even though a lot of brands are not well-known, they sometimes can rival against high-end products but go for much cheaper. If you like trying out new brands and if your makeup/skincare collection is fairly small, Ipsy is a good subscription to start with.


Bonus: you get a makeup bag, though a con would be if you don’t like the bag itself. A lot of times, even if you don’t like a lot of the products, you will always find one that you love and use up. Maybe it’s a new brand or a product of a brand you know well but never tried because it was expensive.

In my opinion, Ipsy is a good start if you’ve never subscribed to beauty boxes because it’s one of the cheapest. They have phenomenal customer service and will always send you a replacement if a product is damaged.


I have already unsubscribed, not because I hate Ipsy but because I have gone with a slightly more expensive box (Boxycharm, at $21 per month). I simply can no longer justify getting three subscriptions each month, and Boxycharm gives full size products for just $11 more.

What did you think of this post? Did you like it? Do you agree with my thoughts on Ipsy? Are you currently subscribed? What do you like about this box subscription? If you’re not, why did you unsubscribe? And which is your favorite beauty sub box?

Sorry for so many questions but I truly want to know your thoughts too.


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16 thoughts on “A Year of Ipsy + Thoughts On Ipsy

    1. Yeah that makes sense. I am glad to see more cruelty free brands though as of lately compared to the first time I subscribed. And I’ve also gotten several all CF bags, so that made me really happy as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy for close to two years now I think. I just put mine on hold for 3 months though to save some money. Not going by products but just the bag designs, I think my favorites this past year have been the Like a Boss, Spellbound, and Social Butterfly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nicee! One of my other friends had been subscribed since the very first bag, I have no clue if she’s still subbed or not.. But that’s great! I completely unsubscribed. I’m going to miss it, but I think I can do with just Sephora and Boxycharm for now. 🙂
      Yess! Like a Boss has been my favorite too as well as this month’s. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so upset that a couple of your posts didn’t show up on my reader!!! I only noticed when I came to copy & paste your URL for my monthly currentlys post.

    Anyways, I love this post! What a great idea!!! It was so fun to read! I wanna do something like this for when I hit a year for my sub boxes too.

    I love May & July’s bags so much. They’re both so freaking cute. I wish I had been subscribed back then! You probably know all of my answers to your questions already haha. But surprisingly my favorite box is Birchbox so far. I thought it’d be Ipsy but Birchbox has been winning for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh really?! That’s a bummer, it seems that’s happening to a lot of bloggers on separate intervals, so at some point, everyone will go through it 😦

      Thanks so much! I’d definitely love to see your version of this post to see what you thought of the subscription overall and the bags themselves 🙂 🙂

      Yeah May and July are definitely cute, I cannot wait to see the bags this summer, those are usually my favorite 🙂

      Yes, Ipsy leans more towards makeup, with a little bit of skincare and haircare every once in a while. But I can see why you like Birchbox more, they do send makeup samples, but I feel like they focus more on skincare and haircare and also, they’re high end brands 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it wasn’t just your posts that didn’t show up on my reader! So weird and annoying– especially when it’s good posts like this that I’m missing!!
        Did you ever do a post like this for your first year with Ipsy?! I’d love to check it out, if you did.
        I actually like the brands that Ipsy sends out better because I rather try new brands I’ve never heard of but yes, the variety of Birchbox is why I chose it for my fave!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s happened to me before.. it sucks, I hope it gets resolved.
          And no, the last time I was subscribed to Ipsy it only lasted 5 or 6 months because I had to unsubscribe to save some money. Would have been good if I thought of that back then lol.

          Liked by 1 person

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